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As many of you may have seen, we just announced that we have been acquired in a transaction backed by global private equity and growth firm, TPG Capital, and will come together with CollabNet VersionOne and XebiaLabs to form is the industry’s first integrated value stream management, delivery, and application security platform, helping enterprise organizations plan, deliver, measure, secure, and continuously improve software and application development within a unified platform. logo

We are very excited to share this next phase of our journey. Today’s IT leaders and development teams are under intense pressure to not only drive innovation but reduce costs and improve customer and employee experiences all while increasing security and lowering risk. Security, specifically application security, is often an afterthought for most DevOps teams who are forced to develop and release software quickly. This creates an immense attack surface for enterprises because of the lack of integration of application security solutions within the software development lifecycle.

This is an important milestone for Arxan, as it more formally brings security and DevOps together in a unified platform to help organizations secure critical business applications. We are extremely well positioned to continue providing leading application security solutions integrated with DevOps processes to enterprises across many industries including financial services, mobile payments, medical devices, automotive, gaming, and entertainment. Our customers share a common DNA with the rest of’s customer base (leaders in everything from banking, finance to aerospace, retail and insurance) in developing secure, transformative applications that allow them to stay ahead of their competition.

We will continue to support our customers with the industry’s leading application security solutions, and are excited about the opportunity to be part of an innovative solution that brings much-needed application security as an integrated part of enterprise DevOps. This acquisition provides us the resources and the reach to continue to stay on the cutting edge of application protection. We look forward to this next phase in our journey with you all.

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