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Watch this video about our leading platform for securing and managing enterprise mobile apps, and learn how you can transform your business with Apperian’s enterprise mobility management.

Video Transcript

Mobility. It will transform the way we work, create new revenue opportunities, help us respond faster, and get closer to our customers. At least it should, but providing a secure mobile environment that promotes app usage isn’t always straightforward. The typical approach for mobile security just doesn’t work for deploying apps – especially in a “bring-your-own-device” world. It’s invasive, doesn’t scale, and was made for a completely different purpose. This method focuses on locking-down the device, but if you want to drive real innovation, it’s the apps that matter. After all, how useful is a locked down device if your apps aren’t adopted? A new approach is needed and Apperian offers one that is a 100% app centric and delivers security while providing an intuitive, seamless experience.

Our extensible platform was purpose-built to protect and manage what matters most – your business apps and content. You get full control the entire app lifecycle, from development to deployment — eliminating complexity and ensuring employees embrace and use your apps.

With Apperian, you start by deciding what apps -whether public, custom, or hybrid- need to be delivered to your users, regardless of their device type. For your custom apps, you get app-reputation analysis complete with recommendations to make them safe, secure, and “ready to go.”

Next, it comes to data security and we’ve got your back. Our extensive app wrapping policies for security, usage analysis and remote control ensure that your apps are always secure, always current, always compliant. We don’t require code modifications or SDKs, so your developers are never inconvenienced when you want to add or change policies. And our app-signing service will have your apps ready for deployment in minutes, not days.

Now it’s show time! Make your apps available through your very own custom-branded, secure app store and assign them to user roles so the right people get the just right apps. Users log in with enterprise single sign-on, keeping access easy and secure. To help you measure your success, you have access to built-in reporting and analytics.

Now you’re armed with the information you need to understand and promote app adoption, day-by-day. Users can leave feedback and ratings, further enriching your apps. And with our public- or private-cloud deployment options, you can instantly “go live” and immediately scale up and down as needed.

Apperian delivers the “best of breed” approach. We’re 100% app focused and purpose-built from day one to secure and manage your mobile apps and to drive the highest possible levels of adoption. Apps are in our “DNA”.

We continuously raise the bar with innovations that make mobile in your enterprise work. To learn more, please contact us today.

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