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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 29, 2019 — DevOps Expert

Viva Las DOES Vegas!


We’re back with another buffet of highlights from the DevOps Enterprise Summit, Las Vegas. Let’s jump right in and see what they’re serving up in the entertainment capital of the world.

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Audit Panel Discussion—Auditors Love DevOps!

Four major audit companies—PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPMG-- came together for an insightful discussion about the challenges of auditing DevOps pipelines and how to prove compliance. They noted that Auditors want to see what EXCEPTIONS happened, not WHAT WENT WELL or AS EXPECTED. And all agreed that creating an audit trail is “crucial,” as is having tooling enabled processes and compliance built into your pipeline by design. The great news according to these audit power houses is that DevOps can be auditable, traceable, and secure; IT teams just need a way to capture their processes.

John Deere Builds the Analytics Factory

John Deere’s Kira Barclay, Director of Analytics, and Elizabeth Conzo, Analytics Leader, ISG/Precision Ag, provided an animated view of the company’s analytics journey, highlighting learnings, challenges, and advantages. The two focused on the importance of operationalizing data, how to make data analytics available to the teams that need it, and including governance in the delivery process. In general, Kira and Elizabeth touched on a common theme of this year’s DOES: companies need data analytics as well better insight into their data.

Kronos: Institutionalizing Manager Effectiveness: Secrets to Success

HR software provider Kronos offers a Manager Effectiveness Index that helps companies use data to identify and create great leaders within their organizations. During his session, David Almeda, Chief People Officer for Kronos, gave advice about how to take a data-driven approach to improve management and employee performance, as well as job satisfaction.

MuseDev Shifts QA Left

Stephen Magill, CEO of MuseDev talked about principles that improve QA quality. His talk focused on static code analysis, but if could apply to any QA infrastructure. The keys are:

  • Use multiple tools
  • Integration matters
  • Cherish developer trust
  • Tools support productivity

Compuware Fireside Chat

Joe Aho, CFO and Chris O'Malley, CEO of Compuware alongside Gene Kim shared candid thoughts on how to most effectively communicate with executive leadership about the value of DevOps initiatives. They also emphasized the importance of change and making a product that meets the needs of your customers. They are the ones we're doing all this for, after all!

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