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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 31, 2011 — App Management expert

WWDC 2011 Checklist

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With barely a few days left for WWDC, we're providing you with a last-minute checklist guide for first time WWDC attendees. If your a first-time developer attending WWDC, we highly recommend reading Jeff LaMarche's WWDC Survival Guide. It provides a great tips from a well-known WWDC veteran.

1. Practice Packing

You should make sure all your gear fits in your luggage and backpacks. Layout your cloths, gear, and simulate packing. It shouldn't be too tight. Make sure you have some empty space or extra storage room for freebies, souvenirs and extra clothing. It's always safe to assume you'll be bring back some goodies.

2. Get there before sunday evening

This year, badge registration starts on Sunday, June 5 at 9AM (PST). Its important you register your badge early if you want attend the keynote presentation. If you register any later, you'll most likely end up in a overflow. Once you get your badge, it's important to keep it safe and don't let it out of your sight.

3. Set Goals and Plans

Write down short term goals you'd like to accomplish. Historically, Developers won't have access to the sessions schedule until after the keynote. It's good practice to have a notebook with specific questions and topical interests. Bring your projects. Prepare yourself a list of questions and even categorize them into sections (UIKit, Core Graphics, etc). Try to hit the labs early, your chances of snagging an Apple engineer are better, especially if you know who your looking for. Sessions do repeat, so if you miss anything, you will have more chances to attend second time around.

4. Promote &Present

If you and/or your company are working on a new service/product, it's a great idea to have an "elevator" pitch ready. This would be a short, 2-5 sentence description about your product or service. Among fellow developers, there will be many VCs, job recruiters and competitors. If you have a keynote presentation, its a great idea to have one handy incase any opportunities arise. Remember to your have business cards ready!

5. Take a break

Although no one knows exactly what will be announced, we're almost certain there will be lots of new announcements, countless hours of coding, great lectures, and many parties. Its important to take a break, eat, recharge and rest. Getting burnt out, or taking a nasty stomach bug can happen and its important to rest and eat well.

6. Pay your respects

There will be over 5,000 other developers attending. If you run into a developer you respect, make sure to say hello! It's a great curtsy to say hello and even better to buy them a beer. WWDC veterans are genuinely kind and are welling to share their experiences. If your lucky, you may find yourself in a long conversation with a well known developer or company. Make sure to be polite, but don't be afraid to complement or tip a fellow dev.

WWDC is a once-a-year, week long experience. Over 5,000 fellow attendees will be traveling hundreds and thousands of miles to once location. There will be crowds, lines and of course, booze! As an attendee, it will be your challenge to balance hard work and parting hard. Are you attending WWDC? Have you attended before? Have any suggestions? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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