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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 21, 2016 — DevOps Expert

XebiaLabs Launches ChatOps For Software Community


DevOps is all about communication — getting your development guys to talk to your ops guys and jointly own your product or service. Chat tools are a great way to bring together distributed teams and many DevOps teams already use them extensively.


The use of tools like HipChat and Slack is skyrocketing. These chat tools are typically where people talk about the work they do, but they're not actually the place where the work is done. This happens in other tools, such as terminal programs or dedicated IT tools for releasing, provisioning or deploying.

There is a movement to bring together the ability to communicate and the ability to get work done in one place, the chat room. Called ChatOps, this practice is a highly effective way of organizing a DevOps team and has been adopted by several front-runners in the space...including ourselves of course.  ;) 

We believe our developers' ability to stay on top of key trends is a large part of what makes the XebiaLabs community so valuable to our users. So we decided it would be fun to build our own ChatBot for XL Deploy that would give our users the ability to monitor activity, trigger deployments and troubleshoot incidents. We would like to introduce our community to Clark, the XL Deploy ChatBot


Using HipChat as our chat platform, we integrate many of our tools as bots so that we can keep up to date about what’s going on and who’s doing what. Moreover, we can query and execute commands as well, integrating our workflow and team communication. Now our own tools are part of the conversation too!  

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 17.33.37

By releasing Clark the ChatBot into the XebiaLabs community and inviting collaboration, we are giving everyone the opportunity to extend the ChatBots capabilities. Over the coming weeks, and hopefully with the help of some user feedback, we expect to be launching a similar ChatBot for XL Release, implementing a sample bot via Docker, and rolling out advanced features like message routing. This project has been a lot of fun to build and we hope you can give it a shot, then let us know what you think! The bot is hosted on the XebiaLabs community GitHub Organisation. Try it now:

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