AI-Powered DevOps Platform - Banff Release October 19, 2022

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Improve software development and delivery with better intelligence, automation, and collaboration. See the latest innovations in the AI-Powered DevOps Platform Banff release.


Welcome to Banff Release

Welcome to Banff Release

Listen to CEO Stephen Elop introduce the Banff release and discuss’s business AI-Powered Platform AI-Powered Platform

Watch Derek Holt, GM DevOps Business Unit & Greg Ellis, GM App Security Business Unit highlight key capabilities in the Banff release

Product Broadcasts Platform Product Broadcast Platform Product Broadcast

See how Platform can help your organization manage everything from SSO to intelligence. Agility Product Broadcast Agility Product Broadcast

See how Agility can help your organization connect your business strategy to team level execution. App Security Product Broadcast Application Security Product Broadcast

See how Application Security can help your organization protect all your applications, large or small.


Continuous Testing Continuous Testing Product Broadcast

See how Continuous Testing can help your organization leverage capabilities from autonomous testing to accessibility.

Release & Deploy Release & Deploy Product Broadcast

See how Release & Deploy can help your organization manage software releases across your enterprise.

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