Cross Browser Testing

Validating that web apps work as intended across different web browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Table of Contents

Automated cross browser test execution & analytics

Run hundreds of parallel Selenium tests across +1,000 desktop browsers. Use advanced analytics and reports to quickly detect and fix bugs, analyzing your tests over time, and versions. Seamless integration to CI/CD tools.

Cross browser manual testing & debugging

Debug your application in real time with Continuous Testing, formerly Experitest. Instantly interact with your website and web application on real desktop and mobile browsers. Quickly detect bugs with detailed reports that include screenshots, videos, and log files.

Performance monitoring

Simulate different servers, measure transaction duration, and speed index. Understand your website and web application response from the client to the server to UI render. Analyze performance across time, versions, and tests.

Advanced test analytics

Gain instant visibility and insights into your release quality status with a consolidated view of the entire test execution results. Quickly identify faults and perform root cause analysis. Use customized dashboards, detailed sharable reports, test screenshots, and videos to improve test automation quality and ensure script stability.

Additional features

Real desktop browsers
Instant access to +1,000 real desktop browsers, supporting any browser and OS: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge; a range of Windows and OS X platforms for live browser testing.

Test & debug in development environment
Test and debug your sites and web applications securely in their development and staging environments using a network tunnel. Review logs, videos, and reports to quickly detect and fix bugs

Highest security standards
Access clean devices and machines, that are cleaned to leave no trace of your sessions, compliant with SOC2 and ISO27001.

You can also execute large-scale, automated mobile testing. Learn more on our automated mobile testing page.