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Software development and delivery continue to become more complex and create challenges for developers and testing teams. They often struggle to ensure the efficiency and reliability of their continuous integration and delivery pipelines while simultaneously wasting valuable resources due to mismanaged device clouds. These challenges add to the risk of release delays, and defects being released into production. Continuous Testing offers additional features designed to protect releases from risk while increasing automated testing, and device cloud efficiency and reliability. These analytic dashboards combine live information and handy visualizations showing value with actionable data. They make cloud administration and automation management more proactive by analyzing the impact of failed tests, and device usage to prevent risk.

Persona Based Analytics for Continuous Testing

Utilizing persona-based dashboards, gives your teams the ability to analyze code coverage, build & test
automation, test cases, test execution, and defects to spot and deep dive into systemic issues and trends.

Automation Manager Dashboard

Advanced capabilities for Continuous Testing: Automation Dashboard

Cloud Admin Dashboard

Advanced capabilities for Continuous Testing: Cloud Admin Dashboard

Why Continuous Testing Advanced Capabilities

advanced capabilities for continuous testing: 3 features

Expanded Continuous Testing Capabilities

Device Reservations

Examine which cloud devices were reserved, but underutilized, results are viewed by project or User to help improve reservation efficiency.

Top/Least Used Models

Get a list of the top and least used devices in the cloud to promote efficient resource usage.

Session Type

See the % breakdown of session types compiled per project (mobile execution, manual testing, development).

Primary View

Select your metric (build version, application version, calendar month) and see the number of tests execution and the % of tests that failed.


View all passed/failed test metrics by application build version, then select a build to activate the failure cause.

Failure Cause

Drill down into individual test executions to discover the root cause of failure.

Premier Support

Provide access to trusted experts with flexible support that improves business continuity.

Advanced capabilities for release and deploy: feature plans
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Enhanced Support

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