iOS App Testing on Real Apple devices

Gain instant access to real iOS devices directly from your browser. Fully control remote iOS devices to test and debug your application.

Test your app on a wide selection of Apple iPhones, iPads, and OS versions hosted at Continuous Testing, formerly Experitest, data centers (including all the newest models such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8+, etc.).
Alternatively, easily set up the Continuous Testing platform in your own data center and allow remote access to any test/dev team in your organization, from any location.

Rely on non-jailbroken devices for new iOS version test automation

Testing on jailbroken devices forces you to wait until a new iOS version is jailbroken. Jailbreaking lag-times means you may be left with no test automation for weeks, relying solely on time-consuming manual testing.

The Continuous Testing platform performs iOS test automation with real, non-jailbroken devices and provides immediate support for new Apple devices and iOS versions.

  • iOS Beta versions are supported within two weeks

Increased iOS test automation coverage

Develop iOS test automation that covers any use case and the most complex scenarios. Continuous Testing’s advanced test development tools let you automate scenarios that include non-standard UI elements, integrations with third-party apps, and components built with SDKs — with no jailbreak needed.

  • Test integration with iOS system apps such as Siri, passbook, Maps, Mail, and Safari.
  • Test your app integration with Apple device components and sensors such as camera, SIRI, or Touch ID.
  • Automate the testing of application components built with SDKs.

Run the same test on different devices and iOS versions

Create highly robust and maintainable test automation projects with Continuous Testing’s test development tools. Develop tests on one iOS device and run on any other iOS device and version without any modifications.

Ensure a great end-user experience

Optimize the performance of your iOS app to ensure it meets user expectations, and that it passes the App Store’s strict review guidelines. The Continuous Testing platform lets you test your iOS app under different network conditions and to monitor device vitals during test runs to make sure it doesn’t consume too much battery, CPU, or memory.

Widen your iOS test automation with native support for iOS simulators

Widen your iOS test automation with the ability to develop and run tests on multiple iOS simulators, including new iOS versions and beta versions. Cover more functionality on more iOS versions earlier in the process.

  • Easily develop tests on simulators, with the Test Recorder and Object Spy. Test non-standard UI elements, integrations with system apps or third-party applications, integrations with device components, or application components built with SDKs.
  • Execute your tests on an unlimited number of iOS simulators.

Seamlessly integrate to XCode to remotely debug your app on any iOS device

Use the Continuous Testing platform to connect to remote Android devices directly from Android Studio as if the devices were locally connected to your computer. Run your application code, watch your code changes in real time, and even insert breakpoints. Debug your application on the spot directly from Android Studio, and verify your changes again, until you are ready to release your new code. Choose from a large variety of devices and Android versions to debug on — you can even debug on the same device where the error occurred.

Run tests developed with XCTest on multiple iOS devices in parallel

Accelerate unit and white-box testing by executing tests developed in Espresso on multiple Android devices in parallel. Integrate to any CI environment to trigger test execution automatically for a 24/7 hands-free continuous testing experience.

iOS testing on local devices is easier than ever

Start iOS app testing on locally connected Apple devices quickly and easily.

  • No need to conduct complex certification processes every time you start working on a new iOS device.
  • Automate setup and provisioning to eliminate human errors and reduce operational overhead.
  • Perform iOS app testing on any machine – Windows or Mac. Work without limitation from a Windows machine. No need for XCode installation.