Release Pipeline

A release orchestration pipeline facilitates the flow of software changes from code commit to production.

A release orchestration pipeline facilitates the flow of software changes from code commit to production. A well-structured release pipeline helps DevOps teams deliver value to end users on a consistent, frequent basis.

Orchestration pipelines are powered by application release orchestration (ARO), also known as application release automation (ARA) or continuous delivery and release automation (CDRA). Application release orchestration ensures that the right pipeline steps are executed at the right time, every time and improves release reliability through built-in capabilities for handling failures and delays.

Release pipeline orchestration for DevOps tools

To deliver value to end users faster and more reliably, DevOps teams automate software delivery activities, including building application artifacts, testing code changes, provisioning cloud instances or setting up on-premises environments, and deploying software to development, test, pre-production, and production environments. Teams adopt a variety of specialized DevOps tools with the goal of automating this work.

However, adopting tools to automate individual activities is only the first step to improve software delivery. The release process itself must also be automated. A release orchestration pipeline automatically connects individual tools into an end-to-end toolchain, creating a sequence of steps. The orchestration pipeline invokes each individual tool at the right stage of the process and connects the flow of data between tools, painting a complete picture of the software delivery process and creating a complete record to audit past releases.

Visit the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools Release Release, formerly XebiaLabs XL Release, is an enterprise-grade release orchestration solution that enables organizations to increase reliability and accelerate the delivery of value to end users. Release manages all of an organization’s release orchestration pipelines, connecting its multitude of applications, environments, teams, and technologies.