For 17 years we’ve been asking all the questions about Agile.

  • Is it working?
  • Can it scale?
  • How does it help?

This year we asked again, only this time we heard some very different answers.

From AI to developer burnout, hybrid work environments and unrelenting demand, change is happening in every organization in every industry. At this moment in time, it feels like Agile is having difficulty adapting.

Small, nimble organizations continue to report that Agile is a powerful productivity and organizational framework showing obvious benefits, but medium-sized and larger companies, however, are less satisfied with what Agile can do for them, see substantive barriers to organization-wide adoption, and are far more likely to embrace a custom software development strategy that incorporates a number of different frameworks including, but not limited to, Agile.

  • Leading the charge to an Agile transformation, are business leaders and executives (32%), followed by individual technical teams (31%) and CIO/CTOs (20%).
  • 42% of respondents report their organizations use a hybrid model that includes Agile, DevOps, or other choices.
  • 49% of larger organizations are more likely to use a hybrid model, while 45% of medium-sized companies are doing so.

Read on to see what 788 survey respondents told us about Agile in 2023.

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