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Tech talk with Bret Piontek from Levi's

Join us for this Tech Talk featuring Bret Piontek, Enterprise Agile Coach at the Data and AI Division of Levi's, where he will share his insights on how's solutions helped Levi's business stay strong despite impacts of COVID-19.

During this conversation we will discuss the following questions:  

  • What challenges did Levi's face due to COVID-19?

  • How has digital transformation at Levi's changed the culture of the company?

  • How did's solutions enable Levi's to adapt and thrive in the changing times?

  • What challenges still remain and what is next on the horizon for Levi's?

  • What should businesses consider who may be struggling to adjust to the new normal?

Join us for this online meetup and learn how's solutions helped Levi's thrive in the face of the challenges of COVID-19.

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