Drive consistency and efficiency by scaling agile practices across all levels, from teams to the entire product portfolio.

The Agile Journey

As companies begin their Agile journey, they often start at the team level with their own best practices and tools approach. As the organization sees team-level value, it wants to expand these practices across the development teams. This creates silos and brings complexity to manage the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle. Managing siloed agile teams increases risk to application delivery time frames, which makes it difficult to respond to business needs and responding quickly to the marketplace and competition ever more difficult.

Scaling Agile across the Enterprise

Large organizations manage many product lines and portfolios. They must be able to accurately view and track status across products and portfolios, align all teams, and connect business objectives to technical execution to ensure value and quality is delivered to customers during every release.


  • Inconsistent and inefficient planning across teams makes it hard to scale
  • Lack of visibility makes it harder to make data-driven decisions
  • Invisible dependencies put schedules at risk
  • Adopting a global culture and common methodologies is necessary, but difficult
  • Team-level Agile tools don’t scale to large, complicated projects and portfolios

While team-level agile tools work well for small products, as they grow in complexity or extend into a portfolio, these tools do not provide support for integrating the planning and development throughout the organization.

Lack of visibility into the portfolio can be costly. For example, it is essential for companies to invest funding and people where most needed.

Without one place to balance the needs of all teams, it is impossible to properly allocate these resources in a way that aligns with enterprise business and revenue goals. In other cases, lack of visibility into dependencies can hide product schedule risks that can lead to work inefficiencies and costly delays. Agility Solution

Scale your agile transformation and drive consistency and efficiency across your organization Agility is an industry-leading enterprise-grade agile planning software solution that drives consistency and efficiency by scaling agile practices across all levels, from teams to the entire product portfolio to ensure that your applications are delivered on time and within scope.

With Agility, you can increase development speed and deliver greater value by balancing your backlog across your entire portfolio, seamlessly connecting disparate systems, and gaining the visibility you need to get to market faster. And with a transparent end-to-end application delivery process, you improve collaboration and bring accountability.

With, your organization can:

  • Synchronize software delivery with business objectives by coordinating work across distributed teams and aligning the organization to a single Enterprise Agile methodology.
  • Ensure that all teams are aligned to business goals and stay informed of changes by providing visibility into the goals, plans, and progress across portfolios, programs, releases, and teams.
  • Accelerate delivery by visualizing and planning, tracking, and predictably delivering work.
  • Choose an agile framework like Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), Scrum or Kanban, combine frameworks, or even customize your own to guide and track agile planning and development.
  • Build with confidence knowing our cloud product withstood the rigorous review of the U.S. government Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). Agility Solution

Key Benefits

Drive Consistency and Efficiency

Agility Drive Consistency

Accelerate agile transformation and deliver value continuously:

  • Improve consistency across the organization with portfolio level planning
  • Adopt leading enterprise agile frameworks for structured best practices and faster time to value
  • Reduce adoption cost by building upon your existing team-level solutions

Increase Speed of Development and Delivery

Respond to changing business, team, and project needs:

  • Prioritize your portfolio backlog to align development to business goals
  • Reduce time and costs for data consolidation with easy integrations to create a single source of truth
  • Accelerate time to value with insights from 100s of out-of-the-box metrics and visualizations
Agility Increase Development Speed

Improve Visibility and Collaboration

Agility Improve Visibility

Achieve remote work success with distributed Agile teams:

  • View portfolio end-to-end to coordinate execution, manage dependencies, and make data-driven decisions
  • Seamlessly track features, epics, and stories from planning to production — from Agile through DevOps
  • Diagnose issues with robust out-of-the-box metrics, dimensional hierarchies, and ad-hoc analysis

Key Capabilities

Agile Portfolio Planning

Plan and track strategic feature development across the entire organization — from teams to the portfolio.

Ideas Management

Automate the process of capturing, collaborating on, prioritizing, and sharing progress of feature requests from users and customers.

Strategic Planning/Roadmaps

Agile planning and development with the product roadmaps used by stakeholders.


Seamlessly integrate with your tools and visualize everything in one place including Atlassian Jira, Broadcom Rally, or Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Custom Dashboards with Metrics & Analytics

Build views for your processes, then visualize & track work from planning through production using data and insights to deliver more value.

Software Delivery Lenses

Enable agile teams to use data-driven insights to improve development efficiency, prioritize the most important features, and deliver products with more value.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Communities of practice, forums, and contextual collaboration rooms enable everyone from executives to developers to communicate and collaborate.

Scalable Agile Framework Support

Support for leading agile frameworks, like SAFe, Kanban, Scrum.

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