Today, April 15th, we stand on the cusp of a significant milestone: the 4th anniversary of Born from the convergence of five industry leaders – CollabNet VersionOne, XebiaLabs, Arxan, Numerify, and Experitest – our journey began with a shared vision to revolutionize the landscape of DevSecOps through the power of AI. Join us in celebrating four years of unparalleled dedication to empower enterprises to thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

2023 Milestones

In 2023, we celebrated a year of remarkable achievements and advancements at From our Corbett and Denali releases, which enhanced our analytics and AI capabilities, to our insightful reports on application security and DevOps practices, we continued to lead the charge in empowering organizations to excel. We were honored to be recognized by industry experts and peers, solidifying our position as leaders in DevSecOps and AI-powered software delivery.

Looking Across 2024

Our focus remains on execution and innovation, guided by the invaluable feedback and support of our dedicated team and customers. With the upcoming launch of our AI-powered DevSecOps platform, Erawan, in June, our platform is poised to revolutionize software delivery. As we embark on another year at, we stand firm in our mission to help customers unlock endless digital possibilities by harmonizing the delivery of software.

Focusing on What Matters to Our Customers

As we commemorate our fourth anniversary, we’re excited to continue delivering solutions that solve our industry’s most complex problems. Each solution addresses critical aspects of modern software delivery and digital transformation.

Govern AI-Assisted Development

Firstly, there is Govern AI-Assisted Development. Today, accelerating the adoption and productivity gains of AI-augmented development is paramount. Our solution empowers organizations to streamline their continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous testing (CT) processes, effectively handling the increased speed of AI-assisted coding.

However, challenges and implications accompany AI-assisted development, including concerns about the security and vulnerability of AI code, the difficulty in quantifying the ROI of AI code, concerns regarding data privacy, and the limited availability of AI expertise. Through automation and end-to-end analytics, our platform enables you to:

  • Accelerate Software Delivery to Match the Improved Speed of Coding: Streamline software delivery in complex environments by adopting automation and AI to turn increased code creation of AI tools like Co-pilot into business value with improved quality, security, and overall delivery.
  • Govern Release Pipelines Influenced by AI: Manage dependencies and automate processes through a single control point. Properly govern and control AI-generated code via built-in governance and policy enforcement to ensure compliance auditability and reduced risk.
  • Increase Delivery Productivity by Establishing Baselines While Quantifying Gains: Accelerate the adoption and productivity gains of AI-augmented development, identify risks faster, and continuously improve by finding bottlenecks.

To address these challenges and ensure successful AI adoption, we invite you to take advantage of our AI Readiness Assessment Program, which provides insights into your organization’s AI capabilities and readiness. Gain a better understanding of AI’s potential impact across the software development lifecycle and receive a tailored action plan to maximize its value.

Deliver Secure, Quality Mobile Apps

Next, we help the world’s largest enterprises Deliver Secure, Quality Mobile Apps. We recognize the critical importance of enabling security safeguards and continuous testing earlier in the development process to ensure the delivery of secure, high-quality mobile applications. However, this task has challenges and implications, including limited QA bandwidth and manual testing processes, increasing threat actors and tools, and a growing landscape of mobile devices and operating systems.

Our integrated AI-powered DevSecOps platform empowers mobile development and security teams to tackle these challenges head-on and deliver software securely, enhancing productivity, reducing risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our solution offers three key required capabilities to boost DevSecOps practices:

  • Automate Testing Practices: Improve test coverage and scale QA best practices with automated testing. Our solution provides AI-powered test creation and full lifecycle mobile app testing, including performance, accessibility, and functional testing. Seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD pipeline for fast and secure app delivery.
  • Enable Robust Protections: Secure mobile applications with data protection, threat monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Our multi-layered approach includes code obfuscation to prevent reverse engineering, threat monitoring for applications in the wild, and automated responses to attacks. Protect your apps throughout the software delivery lifecycle and into production environments.
  • Integrated Quality & Security: Ensure compliance, user experience, and market readiness by combining testing and application security with a 360° view—all from one vendor. Our platform delivers a unified solution for DevSecOps, identifying and fixing functional defects, protecting code with obfuscation, and ensuring data protection—all while accelerating release cycles with automated testing.

Learn more about our Security + Quality Assessment Program, an initiative aimed at bolstering the security and quality of your mobile apps. You can learn how customers access devices in the cloud and expand testing capabilities, as well as evaluate guards or other protections, and tailored security recommendations can reduce risk.

Transition to The Cloud in Complex Environments

Lastly, we enable customers to Transition to The Cloud in Complex Environments. Organizations face unique challenges migrating heterogeneous runtime and composite applications to the cloud while maintaining existing, traditional technologies. From complex tooling and siloed processes to delivering services across cloud and on-premises environments, the journey to the cloud poses several challenges and implications.

Our solution empowers businesses to overcome challenges stemming from managing these complex environments and deliver speed and reliability at scale, ensuring seamless transitions while maintaining control and compliance. It offers three key capabilities to manage traditional, monolithic and modern, composite apps effectively:

  • Automate Release Orchestration Across On-Prem and Cloud: Manage dependencies, automate processes, and mitigate risks through a single control point. Streamline software delivery in any environment, automating deployments and managing complex tasks across on-premises and cloud applications while ensuring security and compliance.
  • Improve Productivity: Overcome cloud deployment challenges and boost developer efficiency with pre-built, intelligent workflows tailored to hybrid cloud environments. Tackle roadblocks and scale application delivery while maintaining security and compliance through seamless integrations and GitOps support.
  • Adhere to Governance, Quality & Security Standards: Ensure compliance, auditability, and traceability across on-prem and cloud environments with AI-powered analytics. Automate compliance checks and leverage detailed analytics to manage risk, streamline audits, and measure improvement across development practices. Join us in embracing the future of cloud migration with and unlock endless possibilities for innovation and growth.

Discover transformative opportunities with our Cloud Assessment Program, accelerating your cloud transformation initiatives and ensuring compliance. We can help identify areas for improvement and assess priorities to enhance developer experiences, manage risk, and maximize software development lifecycle value.

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