Identify bottlenecks, optimize your release process, and prevent deployment failure

Moving applications to cloud environments offers development teams greater flexibility, fostering innovation. However, it simultaneously increases complexities, posing challenges to pinpointing bottlenecks and detecting risks of application failures. In the context of continuous deployment, it's essential to maintain an ongoing improvement process for smooth code release and clear visibility into potential risks of failure.

Release and Deploy Advanced capabilities are designed to identify pipeline blockages, analyze release dependencies, and uncover potential critical risks that could impact your business. With Release and Deploy Analytics, you can enhance team performance, simplify the DevOps process, and assess the risk associated with application changes, helping prevent significant production failures while speeding up delivery.

Release and Deploy Lens

By utilizing persona-based dashboards, your teams gain the ability to oversee, track, and prioritize application releases, identify critical risks in advance, and efficiently coordinate execution through a unified perspective across the DevOps pipeline.

Unleash the Full Power of Release and Deploy - Analytics

Why Release and Deploy Advanced Capabilities

Advanced capabilities: release and deploy 3 features

Expanded Release and Deploy Capabilities

Broader Integrations

Integrate and correlate data from nearly all best-of-breed DevSecOps solutions, including Release and Deploy, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and many others.

Release and Deploy Lenses

Understand why release schedule variance is increasing, what type of tasks are being executed, and what is causing release bottlenecks.

Task Dependency Mapping

Identify tasks and dependencies that cause release delays, find teams with an increased workload, and perform metrics trends.

Release Insights

Exchange real-time data between Release and Agility products to increase collaboration, prioritize releases, and improve pipeline flow.

DORA Metrics

DORA metrics include Lead Time for Changes, Change Failure Rate, Deployment Frequency, and Failed Deployment Recovery Time - allowing to drill down into the data for deeper analysis.

Risk Management

See release scores for each release, find specifics of high-risk deployments, and compare deployment failure rate to deployment frequency.

Premier Support

Provide access to trusted experts with flexible support that improves business continuity.

Advanced capabilities for release and deploy: feature plans
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Enhanced Support

Ensure SLAs are met with flexible support offerings to meet your specific business needs.

The Support team strives to provide our customers with timely and effective solutions to their issues. Acting as the single point of contact for each issue, our subject matter experts leverage their years of product experience and the greater ecosystem to get you the answers you need, when you need them.

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