We see 2023 as a success in the number of new features and innovation we released for Digital.ai Continuous Testing. Considering that people might have missed something we have put together this handy overview.

Watch as PMM Jonny Steiner introduces these new features putting them into the context of the testing industry and the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Then Sr. Product Manager – Grade ll Yogev Baron will demo each of the new features showing you how it all works with his masterful touch.

In this product overview and demo session we will see:

  • AI-Powered Test Creation – Use NLP to generate tests
  • Test Manager Suites – Group your tests into suites and execute them in bulk on the cloud
  • AI-Powered Self Healing – Heal tests automatically in the case of test failures
  • Automation Manager Dashboard – Bespoke analytics that deep dive into test executions
  • Cloud Admin Dashboard – Understand resource and license usage with detailed analytics

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