Automate release orchestration across on-prem and cloud, improve developer experience, and mitigate change failure risks.

Navigating the cloud transition in complex environments

As enterprises embrace cloud computing to boost agility, scalability, and innovation, they often run into challenges when integrating it with their traditional IT setups. The transition to the cloud is not a one size-fits-all journey. Enterprises house critical applications and workloads in legacy systems that, due to stringent security, regulatory compliance, and sensitivity of data, cannot simply be lifted and shifted to the cloud.

This shift profoundly affects software development and delivery, complicating things like deployment, maintenance, and security. Transitioning from monolithic to composite applications without a solid strategy can derail transformation efforts, and balancing service delivery between cloud and on-premises can drain resources and create inconsistencies, hampering innovation and competitive edge. Additionally, a diverse range of development tools and poor integration can slow down tech adoption and introduce security and compliance risks, adding layers of complexity to the IT landscape.'s AI-powered DevSecOps platform empowers the world's leading enterprises to seamlessly navigate and optimize the software delivery process across on-premises and cloud environments. With, your organization can enhance the developer experience and boost developer productivity and focus through the automation of operations processes. It can also embrace automation to accelerate delivery times to propel business outcomes forward, and minimize software-related threats and compliance risks with robust governance and security frameworks.


  • Architectural evolution risk: Transitioning from monolithic to
    composite applications requires big changes, posing high risk of failure.
  • Service delivery imbalance: Balancing cloud and on-prem
    service delivery strains resources and introduces inconsistencies.
  • Tool integration and process silos: Diverse DevOps tools and siloed
    processes create compliance issues, slow tech adoption, and delay benefits realization.

The AI-powered DevOps platform streamlines release management across on-prem and cloud environments by centralizing control and automating tasks and schedules, while risk prediction capabilities ensure secure and agile releases with minimal disruptions.

It helps accelerate cloud adoption by equipping developers with tools that automate and streamline the release process while reducing errors, lowering risk, and speeding up software delivery, enabling them to focus on innovation.

With full auditability across all environments, governance is achieved through standardized templates and processes across every deployment stage to ensure quality and security.

Manage monolithic and composite apps with 3 key capabilities

Automate release orchestration across on-prem and cloud

The AI-powered DevOps platform automates the entire release process from a single control plane, ensuring continuous software delivery across any environment. It orchestrates release dependencies and tasks to minimize failure risks and speed up time to production. It also automates critical security and compliance measures, removing human error, and provides detailed tracking for audits, ensuring each release is secure and compliant.

Improve developer productivity to accelerate cloud adoption

The AI-powered DevOps platform enhances developer productivity by offering streamlined, automated workflows and over 100 integrations with existing DevOps and security tools. These capabilities allow developers to transition smoothly from development to production, streamline complex processes, and ensure compliance and security are embedded throughout the delivery process. This accelerates delivery times and reduces the risk of failure, enabling developers to focus more on innovation and less on managing infrastructure.

Adhere to governance, quality, and security standards enhances DevOps with predictive intelligence that anticipates change risks, identifies bottlenecks, and spots quality gaps before they become issues. It streamlines governance, quality, and security throughout the release process, ensuring compliance and simplifying audits. Additionally, the solution delivers detailed analytics, including DORA and Flow Metrics, allowing you to benchmark and refine your development processes in alignment with industry best practices.

Govern AI-assisted development

The Difference

One platform that automates release pipelines and integrates complex toolchains. Unify app delivery, integrate existing tools & scale across any environment.

Automated mobile app testing and security designed to scale. Provide secure, high-quality apps with reduced risk through testing & threat monitoring insights.

Built-in AI, intelligence, compliance, and governance across all software delivery workflows. Centralize data, optimize processes, and gain augmented insights for faster, safer software delivery. AI-powered DevSecOps platform

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