Lower costs, faster time-to-market, and more readily available developer resources are just a few of the reasons why organizations develop hybrid applications. Hybrid apps make it possible for developers to build one core application that can be deployed to both Android and iOS devices, streamlining the number of apps that have to interact with users and back office systems.

Unfortunately along with the business benefits of hybrid apps are heightened security risks. App attacks all have a common threat vector: reverse engineering — the disassembly of apps back to the original code. It can take only minutes to reverse engineer an app using readily available software tools. Because hybrid apps are written in JavaScript, they are more susceptible to reverse engineering. Hybrid apps also contain native code libraries which, if compromised, can reveal access to back office systems and confidential information such as customer credentials.

Once a hybrid app is reverse engineered, it can expose critical algorithms, keys and sensitive data, grant API access, and provide an attacker with all the information they need to tamper with code. This can lead to even more insidious attacks targeting an organization’s servers or other infrastructure.

App Protection for iOS

Hybrid App Protection

Digital.ai Application Protection for Hybrid protects JavaScript business logic code and the necessary native Android or iOS libraries deployed as part of the hybrid app development process. Hybrid app code is protected through obfuscation, the process of making an attacker’s view of app code, its structure and sensitive data extremely difficult to understand.

Digital.ai code protection can rapidly harden hybrid applications with patented guarding technology, self-repair capabilities, and tamper resistance using a unique, configurable guard network and threat detection capabilities. Alerting the business to attacks in progress is key to preventing damage, and Digital.ai integrated threat detection can alert organizations if apps are operating on compromised devices, and at the first sign of code compromise — all from the moment an app is published.

Once threats are identified, organizations can take short-term action, such as locking account access and disabling app functionality. Longer term corrective action can include enhancing protections with code, and/or data and key encryption to remediate and tailor future protections to specific threats.

Zero-trust is a concept centered on the belief that organizations should not trust anything inside or outside their perimeter and instead verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

App protection for hybrid circle of dev practices

Digital.ai code protection consists of interconnected guards and sensors that together create a protection blueprint which is applied without requiring source code modifications. Initial code protection can be applied without the need for complex security configurations or deep security knowledge and can deliver an essential level of protection within minutes that includes threat detection. Digital.ai’s protection process is straightforward to implement, has minimal impact on the software development lifecycle, and can be easily integrated into DevSecOps production environments. Once created, protection blueprints can be automatically updated for inclusion in successive builds — improving follow-on app security without requiring additional development resources.

Digital.ai Application Protection for Hybrid

  • Rapid integration into the DevSecOps process without disrupting development or production
  • Static and runtime protections to safeguard applications against reverse engineering attacks and tampering
  • Self-protection code guards monitor and defend apps against attack — eliminating single point of protection failure
  • Integrated threat analytics for real-time threat alerting that delivers an understanding of the threat posture of every published app
  • Jailbreak detection alerts when apps are running in compromised environments

Digital.ai App Aware

Digital.ai App Aware provides unique, timely visibility into where, when, and how apps are being attacked with integrated threat detection. This capability enables app developers to be proactive and respond to risks and app reverse engineering attacks before they can be turned into large scale attacks. Easy API integration with SIEM, BI, or fraud detection platforms can provide much needed real-time threat data to create a more complete app threat risk assessment model.

Digital.ai Key & Data Protection

Digital.ai White-Box Cryptography can also be applied to enhance protection by encrypting static and dynamic keys and protecting app data with mathematical techniques and transformations so they cannot be found or extracted from the app.

The Digital.ai Difference

UNIFIED DEVOPS PLATFORM - Integrate DevOps & Security capabilities to enable continuous delivery of software

POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Generate predictive insights that provide the intelligence to make smarter investments

CONNECTED TO THE ENTERPRISE - Connect to existing processes, applications and infrastructure to propel innovation that find new market opportunities


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