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April 2021 solutions update: Agility 21.1, Release 10.1 and Deploy 10.1

The latest releases of the agile and DevOps solutions provide key new features that help you increase visibility from planning through delivery, and improve collaboration, performance and usability for better efficiency and faster time to value. These new releases are another step forward in providing the data and visibility you need to drive digital transformation.

Learn more about these latest releases and the great new features they deliver, including the ability to:

  • Easily connect our agile and DevOps tools and track work items with new features delivered as part of Agility and Release focused on providing software delivery insights

  • Extend the security of your Release integrations with added support for the OAuth 2.0 and improved secrets management

  • Simplify and standardize cloud and container deployments in Deploy with new modules for common cloud configuration actions

  • Expand agile to the portfolio with Agility, which is extending its ability to scale and roll up team-level agile across the organization with support for ServiceNow (in addition to Jira and Azure DevOps) 

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