“The DevOps Handbook, Second Edition” provides a broader view from multiple co-authors, additional case studies, and great resources about how to use data to solve and anticipate problems.

Join Silvia Davis, Digital.ai Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Ben Sapp, Director of Intelligence Services, as they analyze key points of the DevOps telemetry chapters and how Digital.ai Intelligence Change Risk Prediction can help you begin your journey to AI-DevOps.

In this book synopsis, we go over Chapters 14, 15, and 16 of The DevOps Handbook, Second Edition, and give insight on how to:

  • Create Telemetry to Enable Seeing and Solving Problems
  • Analyze Telemetry to Better Anticipate Problems and Achieve Goals
  • Enable Feedback So Development and Operations Can Safely Deploy Code
  • Showcase examples of predictable metrics to get you started

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