If your firm is like most enterprises, your dev, test, and ops teams and managers are still performing too much manual work. Bogged down in inefficient, low-value tasks that are unreliable and error-prone, your release cycles can be delayed by days or even weeks. We hear you!

Join this one-hour webinar, “The formula for enterprise DevOps”, to hear how four software delivery leaders have developed a unified tooling framework, with service and support to match, that will eliminate these roadblocks allowing teams to focus on efficiently and effectively building and releasing software — while meeting security and compliance requirements.

Through this webinar, Orasi’s Managing Director, Richard White, invites you to be one of the very first software professionals to get a look at this leading-edge, unified solution. He will be joined by his esteemed colleagues:

Adam Bowen, Senior Director and Global Practice Lead, DevOps and Cloud, Delphix
Robert Reeves, Co-founder & CTO, Datical
Scott Erlanger, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Digital.ai

They will explain how this unique framework will become the definitive approach in an emerging market.

With this solution, your firm can:


The Formula for Enterprise DevOps

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