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Why Digital Transformation Requires an Integrated Value Delivery Approach

At the heart of software-driven digital transformation is access to a continuous stream of accurate, relevant data to support rapid decision making. Organizations now demand interconnected real-time intelligence to replace disconnected tool silos, static dashboards, and out-of-date reports. Only then can organizations adapt to changing conditions to provide more product features while lowering overall technical debt.

In this roundtable discussion, industry experts will:

  • Explore how cross-lifecycle data is an important foundation for agile decision making

  • Share experiences in delivering a continuous value stream of product and service capabilities to support clients

  • Show how software leaders and digital delivery executives can focus their effort on providing value to clients while accelerating digital transformation

Featured speakers include:

  • Alan Brown, Strategy Advisor, Entrepreneur, and Professor in Digital Economy

  • Derek Holt, General Manager,

  • Jilee Rich, Director – Financial Service Center PMO, The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Eric Ledyard, Managing Director – CIO Advisory, KPMG

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