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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 23, 2014 — DevOps Expert

10 Reasons to Choose XebiaLabs


If you’re wondering why XebiaLabs is the right choice to help you deliver higher quality software faster and more efficiently, we’ve got the answers for you right here.1. Laser focusedAs the only independent delivery automation solution in town, we have the agility required to move quickly and provide the innovations that will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Continuous deployment to cut down the gap between conception and delivery is the goal and there are no distractions. We practice what we preach.2. Leading technologyTake a look at what industry analysts and the press have to say. Our technology is award-winning for a reason, it has been well-received at cutting edge technology conferences, and it’s setting the pace with clarity of purpose you won’t find in other solutions.3. Realize value immediatelyWe don’t try to boil the ocean with a protracted planning and implementation stage that disrupts your workflow, ultimately taking days or even weeks to get your first app deployment up and running. We deliver value on day one with incremental steps that focus on alleviating your biggest pain points.4. Only agentless solutionForget about the tedious process of installing agents on all of your servers. Forget about the overhead associated with maintaining them. Forget about the security risks that you’re relying on your vendor to identify and fix in a timely manner. Our agentless platform makes it easy, you can configure devices and target systems that you’re unable to install proprietary agents on, and our security is based on tried and tested industry standards.5. Building for the futureThe ultimate aim is to achieve Continuous Delivery and DevOps harmony and we have a plan to get you there with minimal disruption, leveraging your existing software and knowledge base along the way. This is about identifying goals, making changes, and measuring the improvements. It is an evolutionary process that delivers real benefits with every step.6. No more scriptingFree up your developers to work on building more value into your product with new features. They shouldn’t be wasting time on writing deployment scripts and with our solutions they won’t have to. We’ve got ready-prepared content for application deployment that you can adopt immediately.7. Easy to use and scalableYou won’t be sending staff on courses or planning endless training days to come to grips with our platform, but it does deliver enough depth for DevOps masters to dive in and do everything they want. This is accessible, it features open and extensible architecture, and there’s a lively and knowledgeable community ready to share the latest plug-ins and best practices.8. Thought leadershipWe don’t follow the competition in this space, we lead. With a clear track record of delivering conference talks, in-depth publications, webinars, and presentations, our commitment and dedication is clear. We know what you need and we can help you to get it.9. Reliable and supportiveYou can depend on us to deliver the support that you need. We’re always available to answer questions, whether you’re a new prospect or an existing customer. Our 100% support approval rating is very important to us and we’ll always address your queries quickly and effectively.10. Proven customer resultsIf you’re looking for success stories then just ask us about our partners. We have delivered cost savings of up $100,000 per release day. We’ve taken deployment times from 8.5 hours all the way down to 20 minutes. We’ve enabled 6 month projects to be delivered in 4 months. We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved and we know that real success for us comes from success for our customers. Let’s talk about what we can do for your business.

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