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This post is from the Collabnet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jan 22, 2018 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

2018 Winter VersionOne Product Release

Enterprise Agile Planning

We are excited to announce the 2018 Winter VersionOne Product Release. With this release, VersionOne launches new capabilities that provide teams with greater flexibility for planning and managing software delivery with confidence. Additional improvements in VersionOne’s enterprise platform include:

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM

VersionOne Lifecycle for agile ALM provides end/to/end enterprise agile lifecycle management that enables your teams at all levels – enterprise, portfolio, program, and team — to collaborate, develop, and deliver software faster. The 2018 Winter Product Release includes the following new features and enhancements:


Lifecycle MilestonesKey dates are captured and communicated throughout your organization so your planning and delivery teams understand interim targets, sync times and important events. With Milestones, it is easy to keep key dates such as industry events or sync points during a PI cadence, visible in your planning process views. You can also create and view milestones in your roadmap and see them in high/level planning views such as the Program Board and Solution Board helping to impact what you plan in the way you plan.

Saved Views for Grids (My Views)

Lifecycle Saved Grid ViewsThe complex filters you have created on your grid views can now be saved with “My Views”. It is easy to save and recall customized filters on the grid, visible columns, editable fields, page sorts, and a number of items per page with the “My Views” button. For example, product owners and project managers can now streamline their backlog to easily queue views based on their teams and projects. You also have the option to save your current project scope selection into your “My Views”. Being able to easily call up multiple critical items within several projects is one example of the streamlined execution of “My Views”.

Team Transitions

Lifecycle TransitionsWe continue to empower teams by allowing team autonomy and self/organization with greater flexibility in Team Transitions. At the team level, teams now can define transitions, an automatic status change to a story, such as a quick close.

VersionOne Continuum for DevOps

VersionOne Continuum™ is an enterprise/scale continuous delivery solution for accelerating the speed, reducing the risk, and ensuring the quality of complex software deployments. Our 2018 Winter Product Release includes the following new feature and enhancements:

CollabNet TeamForge SCM

Continuum & TeamForge IntegrationContinuum users now have a richer integration with TeamForge SCM to take advantage of a more streamlined interaction from Continuum to their code repositories. You will benefit from the new functionality such as add comment to artifact, change artifact status, update artifact, get artifact and much more with the TeamForge plugin.

Insights Dashboard

Continuum InsightsInsights Dashboard is a new functionality that provides a centralized location for all your development data. If you are a release and development manager, you now have complete visibility into how changes, over time, impact deliverables. Plus, you can identify areas of opportunity. As a product manager, you will be able to see the total number of jobs and failures, including activities, pipeline runs, tasks broken down by category, deliveries, and targets release dates for complete visibility into your deliverables.

Environments Dashboard

Continuum EnvironmentsManaging many concurrent projects and deployments is a challenging task for anyone. Now with the enhanced Environment Dashboard, developers, testers, and product managers can now view package revisions on the environment dashboard providing more insight into “what’s deployed where”. You can now remove environments cards from the dashboard after the environment has reached its end of life, providing real/time visibility into all your deployments.

Enhanced Encrypted Plugin Data

Now all your passwords for your plugins are encrypted at rest, providing more security to your configuration data on the server.

2018 Winter VersionOne Product Update Schedule

Lifecycle Team and Catalyst editions will be updated on January 27, 2018. Lifecycle Enterprise and Ultimate editions will be updated on February 3, 2018.

Learn More

VersionOne products continue to lead the market with our enterprise/class software planning and delivery platform that unifies Agile, DevOps, and Version Control lifecycle management. Check out the VersionOne Product Release page to learn more.

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