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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 25, 2018 — DevOps Expert

A Double DOES: What’s New at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas


What a difference a few months make! It's only been four months since the DevOps Enterprise Summit in London, yet based on the sessions and discussions at DOES Las Vegas this week it seems as if some major shifts in the software delivery industry are already underway. While conversations around culture and measurement are still top of mind for many at the event, some of the newer trends and concepts we've been interested in at XebiaLabs emerged as key themes throughout DOES.

#1 – Value Stream

The notion of value stream has gained steam in the past few months, especially with the release of "The Forrester New Wave™: Value Stream Management Tools, Q3, 2018" in August. This was apparent throughout the event, with many sessions referencing value stream mapping and management, and even some keynotes dedicated entirely to the topic.

.@dominicad on technology today: @xebialabs' Periodic Table illustrates - so many different disconnected tools in the #ValueStream. #DOES2018

— Lisa K. Wells (@ProductPrincipl) October 23, 2018

“Value stream mapping is the most useful and underutilized tool for your #DevOps journey” @Halfmoondad & Chris Gallivan#VSM #DOES18 @DOES_USA @DXCTechnology @fiat #ValueStream #ValueStreamMapping #ProcessImprovement

— Daniel Ritchie (@deploydan) October 25, 2018
During the breakout session “Bridging the DevOps Chasm at Lincoln Financial Group,” Kevin Drake, Enterprise Release Management Lead at XebiaLabs' customer LFG, noted that his team is currently conducting a value stream analysis in each business unit of the organization, identifying their work streams and processes, from ideation to production release, to look for ways to eliminate waste and gain efficiencies.

"Things take too long" is a univeral problem. To address it, we need a defragged value stream to improve flow - we need to find and fix broken handoffs. #DOES18

— Michael McCliment @ #DOES18 Las Vegas (@cornazano) October 23, 2018
Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop, gave a great keynote, “Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business,” about bridging the gap between technology and the business. Tasktop also presented with Rene Te-Strote, Senior IT project Lead at BMW Group, on implementing an end-to-end value stream.

.@Tasktop and @BMW share core flow metrics. #DOES18

— XebiaLabs (@xebialabs) October 23, 2018

#2 – Burnout

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018Technology burnout came up a few times throughout the three-day event. It was great to finally shine a light on this very important topic around the mental health of IT professionals. In one session, a panel of DevOps thought leaders, including Gene Kim, Jeff Gallimore, Courtney Kissler, Scott Prugh, and John Willis, shared their personal experience with toxic work environments and what signs to look out for. Dr. Christina Maslach, Professor of Psychology (Emerita) and a researcher at the Healthy Workplaces Center at the University of California, Berkeley, also delivered a keynote on causes of burnout and what can be done to deal with it. Her full presentation can be viewed here.

If you have people that have burnout, it is a canary in the coal mine, showing your workplace is toxic.

The answer can’t just be, make the canary more resilient, the answer is treat the toxic workplace.#DOES18— James Wickett (@wickett) October 23, 2018

Burnout job conditions do nothing to enhance productivity ⁦@CMaslach⁩ ⁦@UCBerkeley#DOES18

— #DOES18 Las Vegas (@DOES_USA) October 23, 2018

#3 – Bringing Everyone to the Table

A number of sessions at the Vegas show confirmed the philosophy that everyone within an organization should be involved in DevOps. Some presentations even had technology leaders co-presenting alongside business leaders, for instance, Nike’s Vice President, Digital Platform Engineering Courtney Kissler spoke with Anne Bradley, Chief Privacy Officer and Global Counsel for Nike Direct. #StrongerTogether

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018: Teamwork makes the dream work

Nike's @chawklady and Anne Bradley talk about how technology and compliance teams work together to meet organisations goals.#DOES18 #DevOps: #Leadership, #Culture and #Technology #mvc— Raj Fowler (@adarwyr) October 22, 2018
In their presentation, “Crossing the DevOps Chasm: From Taboo to Enterprise DevOps,” Mascha Boender, DevOps Consultant, and Stefan Groot, IT Strategy Consultant, of ABN AMRO suggested that management should pave the road for the DevOps transformation.DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018Chad Avery, Program Manager, DevOps, and Aimee Cardwell, VP, Consumer Product Development, at American Express also stressed the importance of both business and product involvement in the DevOps journey during their presentation on integrating business and security into daily DevOps life.

#4 - Security

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018Integrating security into the DevOps process and shifting left is still top of mind for many organizations. Many speakers touched on DevSecOps, most notably Gene Kim, who in his closing remarks mentioned the Dear Auditor Love Letter, which was developed at the DevOps Enterprise Forum, hosted by Gene Kim and the IT Revolution team last April. While crediting all authors of the project, Gene kindly honored the late Robert Stroud, who tragically passed away last month. Rob’s presence is sorely missed at events like these, as we know he would have greatly contributed to the DevOps conversation.

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