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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

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Codesion Sponsors Dare to be Digital

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Codesion is once again getting ready to sponsor Dare to be Digital, a video games development competition where teams of five talented students of Universities and Colleges of Art spend 10 weeks developing a prototype video game. As a contest Sponsor, Codesion helps contestant teams transform their ideas into polished products using our secure platform. We asked Sarah Johnston of Dare to be Digital to explain how the teams work together.

“Teams of 5 students, usually a mix of artists, programmers and audio, assemble in a development hothouse for 10 weeks in the summer to develop a prototype video game, receiving mentoring from industry specialists. At the end of the competition, the prototypes are displayed at a special talent showcasing event in Edinburgh, Dare ProtoPlay. The general public as well as industry experts play and vote for the games.  Prizes are then awarded to the winning teams at a special awards ceremony.  Later in the year the winning teams attend the BAFTA Video Games Awards to compete for the coveted ‘Ones to Watch Award’. Dare to be Digital has been running since 1999, when it started life as a small internal competition, before being rolled out across Scotland then internationally.”

Check out the BAFTA “Ones to Watch Award” winners from last year:

One To Watch Winner: Innovative game SHRuNK! created by The Butterflyers wone the Ones to Watch Award in 2009. In this game, the player is reduced to the size of a salt shaker as they battle against Dr Shockalot to rescue the Kleinoscope (a device which reduces the world around you at will).

In Quick as Thieves, created by another winner, Gentlemen of Fortune, the player is challenged to navigate their way around a museum at night to steal the valuable ‘Macguffin’.

Pixel Pirates won for the 3D platform in their puzzle-based game Colour Coded.

Learn more about Dare to Be Digital.


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