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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

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Codesion’s secure Subversion hosting service thwarts IP theft attempt at GroovyChannel, preserving $7M funding bid

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After a failed theft attempt at GroovyChannel’s North Sydney office, GroovyChannel Inc CEO Joe Ward wanted to share a few words with Codesion and our customers on the experience and Codesion’s role. So in his words…

Joe Ward GroovyChannelThe value of the Codesion service has never been more apparent for us at GroovyChannel than now, in the wake of an apparent theft attempt of our intellectual property. I’m happy to report that the source code for our accelerated SQL database technology is secure thanks to this partnership with Codesion.

GroovyChannel is a pioneer in multicore-optimized SQL standard database software targeting enterprise cloud computing needs, and we recently launched a $7 million capital raising round in advance of our move from Australia to the US. Our technology enables a database to run on a server in memory across multiple processor cores, enabling instantaneous data updates while still maintaining industry-standard transactional database properties. 

At the beginning of this month, thieves broke into the North Sydney office and used explosives to break open the company’s safe. As CEO of Groovy Channel, I’m relieved the thieves were unable to access our valuable intellectual property – they’d targeted the safe where we kept our software prior to engaging with Codesion. The thieves left all the other valuable equipment sitting there untouched, including a $30,000 server from Intel. There was concrete all over the floor and debris sprayed around the office.

We engaged Codesion at an early stage in our development to host GroovyChannel’s source code on high-security US-based datacenters, and to maintain the integrity of our intellectual property. This need has never been more important than at this time of fundraising and relocation to the US.

Using the unique capabilities and opportunities afforded by a cloud-based, fully managed and supported source code control solution, Codesion facilitates secure, collaborative software development for geographically distributed teams working for many of the world’s leading organizations. Codesion’s FrogSAFE technology platform allows a single administrator to configure a suite of open source version control tools and manage hundreds of developers and projects, using Codesion’s simple web portal software. The FrogSAFE platform uses the latest in secure storage technology — all data is transferred via encrypted protocols, backed up to multiple industry-compliant datacenters every 10 minutes, and can be mirrored to customers’ on-site servers daily.

“The vision for Codesion is that as software companies trust and embrace a hosted service for source code management, project cycles will shorten and startup costs will continue to fall,” says Jason Seed, CEO and Managing Director of Codesion. “Our conversations with Mr. Ward in the immediate aftermath of the break-in and explosion at the GroovyChannel office underscored both the need and value of this enterprise-critical service.”

I echo this sentiment; we saw Codesion as a strategic partner right from the start, but this break-in and attempted theft has more than proven the value of such a partnership. Nice work!

Read The Australian’s full article about the GroovyChannel break-in.

About GroovyChannel:
Based in San Francisco, Sydney and Hyderabad, India, GroovyChannel is focused on delivering database & cloud solutions (hosted DB’s) and appliances for web properties needing a fast real-time experience that scales easily, as opposed to the page-by-page download, slow and frustrating experience delivered now. The GroovyChannel database (GroovyDB) offers a standard based RDBMS solution with unparalleled scalability and GroovyChannel’s revolutionary Web Push. GroovyChannel is breaking new ground in multicore-optimized SQL standard database software, able to provide the required high performance and cost effectiveness to address the demands of Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing enabling LIVE real time data access.

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