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Last Updated Jul 16, 2019 — Value Stream Management Expert

Connecting the Dots Between Business and DevOps with Value Stream Management at the DevOps Enterprise Summit London

Value Stream Management

Our team recently returned from London where we attended the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES19). It was our third year participating in this event across the pond where enterprise leaders, DevOps enthusiasts, practitioners, analysts and technologists of all kinds, gather to talk about digital transformation and software development. CollabNet VersionOne experts were busy in the booth demonstrating how our Value Stream Management (VSM) solution has opened up the doors to digital transformation at many of the world’s largest companies by enabling a value-driven approach to innovative software development and delivery.

Sharing the benefits of VSM was our team’s primary mission at DOES London this year and the response we received from fellow conference attendees was overwhelmingly positive. The VSM message clicks with IT leaders equips them for a conversation with business leadership.

On the first day, CollabNet VersionOne made a joint announcement with our partner, ICON Agility Services, introducing a combined service offering for Value Stream Management and Enterprise Business Agility. The new service blends ICON's proven Business Agility Strategy consulting framework with CollabNet VerisonOne's award-winning, analyst-validated Value Stream Management (VSM) platform

>> You can read the full announcement here.

There were a number of overarching themes evident at DOES London including the challenges of scaling DevOps, a growing demand for a single data model, continuous monitoring, culture and burnout, and many others. The most prominent theme though, by far, was the growing relationship between business and IT — specifically, the move toward development and delivery aligning to business outcomes.  Some refer it to as “BizDevOps”.

To some, “BizDevOps,” is just another buzzword in our industry to describe the close-knit relationship between business objectives and the software development lifecycle.  However, we heard many experience reports at DOES that emphasized the importance of alignment between software development teams and higher-level business priorities. It is becoming clear that software innovation is top of mind for all enterprise leaders, not just technical leadership.

An approach that weaves together strategic business initiatives with the entire software development and delivery lifecycle will help ensure greater customer satisfaction and greater business value as a result.

As we shared with the folks at DOES, Value Stream Management (VSM) is the key to achieving BizDevOps.  The industry recognizes the need for BizDevOps, but we want to see more discussions on how to achieve this close relationship. VSM helps organizations by offering an approach to application development and delivery that leverages the benefits of DevOps and Agile.

CollabNet VersionOne CEO Flint Brenton said recently in a Forbes article, that DevOps alone will only take you so far.

He says:

“DevOps creates a collaborative environment that brings together development and IT operations under one umbrella. In theory, and when effectively applied, these core elements drive efficiency, high-quality software and faster release cycles. For many organizations, DevOps has been transformative, however, plenty of enterprises still struggle to know exactly what value is being derived from massive IT investments.

To see the best return on software investments, organizations must always focus on business value and customer satisfaction. They must understand return on investment (ROI) and know whether their approach is successful. As new practices mature, we see software initiatives focusing more on creating and understanding success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that further increase the quality of products and speed of delivery to satisfy the customer experience.”

So in regard to executive leadership, VSM makes work visible; for developers, VSM makes work meaningful; and for the enterprise, it makes work valuable.

VSM  takes the successes of DevOps to a higher level and bridges the gap between IT and the business.

Thanks to all who stopped by the CollabNet VersionOne booth at DOES London and if you weren’t able to attend, please get in touch today and learn more about how your organization can achieve a business objective approach to DevOps, by measuring delivered customer value and get ahead of the digital transformation!

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