Last Updated Feb 10, 2021 — Terri Schlosser, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, DevOps

Everyone wants to deliver software faster and more reliably. Companies often start by adopting agile, but agile on its own may not fix the true bottlenecks to on-time delivery. DevOps automation helps organizations optimize and improve release efficiency, but bumps in the road often drive DevOps adoption off course. 

As Intelligent CIO recently highlighted, Schneider, one of the largest trucking and logistics companies in North America, continued to face delays and bottlenecks in their software delivery even after adopting agile. Through a root cause analysis of their software delivery processes, Schneider discovered that a large number of handoffs between individuals and across teams caused delays and wasted time. They also found that development teams often relied on informal, undocumented information about how to build and release applications, making it hard to onboard new developers. As a result, Schneider defined two main goals to address process bottlenecks: eliminating time-wasting handoffs and making it easier to onboard new developers.

“We needed to better enable our developers to safely deliver value to the business faster, more frequently, at higher quality, and with confidence,” said Pat Krah, vice president of infrastructure, Schneider.

To achieve these goals, Schneider needed a solution that could automate a variety of release tasks and would be easy for everyone to learn and use. Schneider chose the Enterprise Value Stream Platform because of its powerful release orchestration and deployment automation capabilities that could standardize and automate application release processes for all of their on-premises and public cloud environments.

“The flexibility of the Value Stream Platform has been key for our success,” said Amanda Heintz, release manager at Schneider. “The platform gives us endless options for automating IT processes so teams can use services without needing extensive onboarding, additional access, or time-consuming approvals.”

Additionally, the Enterprise Value Stream Platform is now Schneider’s single source of truth for standardized procedures, real-time information about the status of active tasks, and historical information that can be used for continuous improvement.

Schneider not only achieved their goals to eliminate handoffs between teams and automate common developer workflows to make onboarding a breeze, but they also gained visibility into processes to easily measure performance and identify areas for improvement.

Are you interested in learning how Schneider found and fixed potholes on their road to faster software delivery? 

We are thrilled to have Amanda Heintz joining us for a webinar on Wednesday, March 3rd where she will share her story about:

  • The path Schneider followed to find DevOps success

  • The potholes they found and patched along the way

  • Best practices for successful DevOps adoption across the whole organization

  • Where Schneider is headed on their DevOps journey in 2021 and beyond

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