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The Forrester Wave™ Value Stream Management Solutions named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Value Stream Management Solutions, Q3 2020

The potential of value stream management

The Problem

Organizations have been struggling to achieve digital transformation for more than a decade. Unfortunately, most never realize the benefits of organizational transformation due to lack of visibility, accountability, and collaboration. No easy way exists to align technical, business, and security teams so they can continuously improve and deliver trusted digital experiences that achieve the desired business outcomes.

The Solution

Value stream management (VSM) helps organizations realize the overall business impact of software development and delivery efforts. By gaining visibility across teams, tools, and processes, organizations can measure value in meaningful terms — product quality, customer satisfaction and retention, application security and usage, execution efficiency, revenue and growth — the business outcomes achieved from software development.

Getting down to value

By aligning software development activities to business goals, enabling intelligent decision making, and delivering innovation securely, we make it possible to accelerate business results. value stream management profitability icon

Increase profitability

Grow revenue and reduce costs by aligning workflows to business outcomes value stream management efficiency icon

Improve efficiency

Focus resources to continuously deliver software that creates business value value stream management customer satisfaction icon

Satisfy customers

Deliver quality experiences to improve customer satisfaction and retention value stream management risk icon

Reduce risk

Embed security and governance controls from the start to minimize business risk Value Stream Platform infographic

Changing the way organizations build and deliver software

  • Align all work with value delivery
  • Make better data-driven decisions
  • Protect against a changing threat landscape
  • Provide visibility across the organization
  • Demonstrable governance and compliance

The benefits of our intelligent platform

  • Focused

    Every output supports a measurable business outcome

  • Intelligent

    Actionable insights from real-time data enables automation

  • Secure

    Built-in application protection in a changing threat landscape

  • Compliant

    Create an end-to-end system of record for code compliance

  • Flexible

    Integrate disparate tools to deliver business objectives

  • Optimized

    Identify and continuously improve to maximize outcomes

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