Dive Deeper with Denali – Introducing Digital.ai’s latest AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform: Denali Release!

Digital.ai is thrilled to announce our latest AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform: Denali Release! This new version of our release exemplifies our commitment to delivering a complete platform tailored to your needs, allowing you to harness the potential of AI while effectively addressing the complexities enterprise organizations need to overcome software delivery at scale.

Designed to further help companies accelerate digital transformation, our latest release offers new functionalities, intelligence, and integrations across our platform as well as our Agility, Application Security, Continuous Testing, Release, and Deploy solutions.


  • Digital.ai Assistant: Access instant, secure, and context-sensitive answers through NLP AI-assisted Q&A so your teams can quickly find answers across all Digital.ai product documentation and knowledge-based repositories, enhancing productivity and enabling efficient self-support. Digital.ai Assistant is releasing as limited availability.
  • Community: Enhanced UX through streamlined navigation with content category tags, expanded content filters, knowledge base search integration, and an optimized, cleaner interface, coupled with our commitment to running product roadmap sessions and product education webinars for continuous improvement and user empowerment. Still not a member? Sign up here!


  • OKRs: Align developer outcomes to business strategy with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), a collaborative methodology to encourage engagement around measurable goals resulting in teams directly impacting business objectives.
  • Initiate Standup Meetings: Foster team success through centralized collaboration, keeping dispersed team members aligned and accountable, promoting full team participation for enhanced collaboration, and enabling collective problem-solving to overcome challenges.
  • Foster Customer Innovation with IdeaSpace 2.0: Empower the transformation of customer and partner ideas into actionable strategies, offering transparency into request status to manage user expectations and maintaining information control to facilitate the sharing of appropriate comments.
  • Unlock Potential with eLearning Offerings: Access comprehensive eLearning solutions with Digital.ai Agility, including personalized instructor-led courses, tailored private sessions either on-site or virtual, and flexible public courses featuring virtual ILT training and individually sold classes. These offerings provide continuous growth opportunities with 24/7 availability, adaptive learning, and immediate real-world application, all without geographic constraints.
  • New DevOps Integrations: Accelerate software delivery with enhanced DevOps extensibility, integrating seamlessly with GitHub and GitLab, enabling streamlined issue tracking, and expediting debugging and issue resolution without leaving the Agility platform.

Application Security

  • Apply Protection at the IPA/Xcarchive Level: Apply protections seamlessly post-build and either pre or post-test, without disrupting the application build process, and extend these protections to dynamic libraries for comprehensive security.
  • Added Support for Flutter, MAUI (Xamarin), and Unity: Protection is now available for apps written in the most popular mobile development frameworks, covering both native and hybrid apps.
  • Custom Virtual Machine Engine: Frustrate threat actors by introducing proprietary, non-JavaScript code to obfuscations.
  • Easier Performance Tuning: Achieve finely-grained performance tuning with automatic breakdown of checksums into smaller, more manageable pieces and create checksum ranges more easily.

Continuous Testing

  • AI-Powered Test Creation: Transform your testing process with AI-Powered Test Creation, which uses natural language input to generate user-friendly test scripts and helps prioritize behavior over technical details while reducing dependency on technical expertise and improving issue detection pre-production.
  • AI-Powered Self-Healing: Enhance test stability by streamlining test maintenance. The capability makes receiving feedback faster and minimizes manual maintenance efforts. It helps differentiate between automation issues and application defects using quality feedback.
  • Test Manager Suites: Empower seamless test organization and cloud-based execution with accelerated test velocity and enhance collaboration and visibility through shareable and reusable tests. The capability also enables non-coding team members to participate in test structuring and management.
  • Cloud Administrator Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into cloud coverage by optimizing device usage, enhancing project monitoring and license tracking. That will facilitate data-driven decision-making by displaying usage analysis across various device makes and models.
  • Automation Manager Dashboard: Simplify test execution with intuitive analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making through correlated test results. Risk prevention comes via the analysis of failed tests’ impact. Device categorized test results help eliminate fragmentation.

Release and Deploy

  • Self-Service Workflows Catalog: Elevate developer productivity with self-service guided workflows, featuring a versatile and shared workflow catalog to onboard new apps or spin-up cloud environments without compromising compliance. Create new or leverage out-of-box workflows or share your new workflows with the community.
  • Automate Ops Tickets with Custom Workflows: Supercharge your DevOps process by automating manual configuration and operational tasks, harnessing the capabilities of the Release Task Execution Engine and existing integrations, and easily authoring custom workflows through the Release UI integrated into GitOps and Infrastructure-as-code.
  • Configurable Release Home Page: Improve developer experience by configuring your release home page content and provide a centralized hub with guided workflows, sharing knowledge and news. It enhances efficiency by fostering team alignment and facilitating knowledge sharing.
  • AI Governance Release Template: Ensure the delivery of secure and compliant AI-coded generated apps by automating checkpoints for security vulnerabilities and code copyright issues, enforcing policies specified as code, and automatically generating audit reports to enhance compliance and copyright management.
  • New Integrations to Support Cloud Apps: Amplify your release and deploy capabilities to support cloud applications using Azure Biceps for streamlined cloud provisioning, leverage Infrastructure-as-code using Terraform and Ansible integrations, and expand support for secret management with AWS and MS Azure Secret Management integrations.

Stay Connected

The Denali Release embodies our steadfast commitment to delivering an adaptable, cutting-edge solution tailored precisely to your needs and signifies a paradigm shift in how we approach software delivery at scale.

With Denali, we empower you to deliver high-quality, secure applications seamlessly, refine your developer journey, and embrace the power of AI. Together, we’re enhancing the way you build, secure, and optimize applications, making sure your creative vision is boundless and your digital footprint leaves an indelible mark.


To learn more about the Denali Release’s newest features and offerings, check out our Denali resources.

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