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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 13, 2017 — DevOps Expert

DevOps at Medecision


Organizations in every industry have started transforming their IT departments to drive innovation and increase competitive advantage. Providing up-to-date software is becoming the central driver of customer value across all companies, including healthcare management systems. When premiere healthcare companies like Medecision count on their software to manage the health records of entire populations, they need to know their releases aren't going to fail and that they can scale to meet customer demands.

Before adopting Continuous Delivery software, Medecision used 8 people and 48 hours to upgrade just 6 applications--that's over 3000 minutes per environment. Medecision needed to take their completely manual release process and transform it into a completely scalable and automated software release pipeline. But automation wasn't the only requirement. The IT department also needed visibility into the status of their releases and confidence that deployments would have minimal errors. No small feat for any company. To meet these challenges, Medecision looked for a software vendor that understood its needs and would ease its pain in embracing automation and streamlining the release pipeline. They wanted a partner who could provide knowledge and walk side-by-side with their team through the entire process. “We wanted to leverage the best-in-class automation capability of our chosen partner so we could focus our time and energy on what we do best—our applications,” said Penska, Senior Manager for DevOps at Medecision. After five months of research and evaluating various vendors’ solutions, notably Ansible, CA Release Automation, Chef, Puppet and XebiaLabs, Medecision chose XebiaLabs’ XL Release to manage release pipelines and XL Deploy to automate deployments for all of their SaaS applications. “We chose XebiaLabs because it best met our business need to focus on release automation rather than the provisioning process,” said John Lysen, CIO of Medecision. “Our main objective was to automate the process of creating and deploying our applications. We were really impressed with XebiaLabs’ expertise in this area. We knew we would be able to quickly adopt the best technology available and build it into the automation process. Other tools stayed with what they’re comfortable with and do well [provisioning].”

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DevOps Implementation

With the help of XebiaLabs' on-premise implementation team, Medecision was able to replace their current all-manual software delivery process with full automation. Improving software delivery speed by a staggering 1000X, from more than 3000 minutes per environment for each deployment down to 3 minutes. “Seven months ago we were doing software delivery manually and had six environments in our infrastructure. It would take eight resources 48 hours to upgrade these environments over a weekend. Now, with XebiaLabs, we are able to do 50 environments in two hours. The scalability of the product is amazing. Our software delivery speed has improved more than 1000X. We achieved remarkable ROI in just a few months.” Why did Medecision choose a Continuous Delivery tool by XebiaLabs?
  • Outstanding automation capabilities accelerate releases and improve efficiency
  • Continuous real-time feedback and release metrics provide basis for constant process improvement
  • Release orchestration enables better management and coordination of the Continuous Delivery process
  • Laser focus on solving deployment automation and release management business problems
  • Deep Continuous Delivery expertise and willingness to partner to ensure project success
You can read the full case study here.

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