is proud to announce that our Continuous Testing solution is the first in the market to support testing on Android 14 (Developer Preview). Our Android team worked around the clock to facilitate the support of Android 14 DP. As a result, our customers can now test their mobile applications on Android 14 as soon as they are ready.

android 14 dp

Supporting new Android versions as soon as they are released is a key capability that we have reinforced for many years and it is one that enables our customers to prepare their apps for the GA version, with plenty of time to spare.

Support for Android 14 (DP) includes the following capabilities:

  • Manual Testing
  • Appium Test Execution
  • Appium Test Creation

Referred to internally as “Upside Down Cake” Android 14 does not have an official release date, but if release patterns are consistent the official release will come sometime later in 2023 following several beta versions.


Here are some of the Android 14 (DP) highlights:

  • Regional Preferences – Different countries have a different understanding of dates, times, and other measurements like distances, and temperatures. This new feature lets users set their preferred units of measure, calendar options, and number systems.
  • New Touchpad Gestures – Enable the developer flag in Android 14 (DP) and you will see a “touchpad” option in the settings. With that, you can toggle tap-to-click, or reverse the scrolling direction. An additional developer flag can be flipped to enable the tutorial for help customizing touchpad navigation gestures.
  • Deleting Bloatware – Another developer flag can be flipped to open the “apps installed in the background” menu. Once enabled users can see pre-installed applications and remove them.
  • Swipe Back Preview – When swiping back on Android 14 (DP) users will see a preview of what exactly they are going back to.
  • Restrict Photo Access – This will allow users to customize the Photo Picker and select only the specific media items they want to grant access to.
  • App Cloning – Allows users to create a second instance of an app so they can use two accounts simultaneously.


Below is a short demo showing an Android 14 (DP) device available for manual interaction and automation capabilities. Continuous Testing (formerly Experitest) was the first to support Android 13 DP and we are already working hard to be the first to support other Beta and GA releases.


If you are a Continuous Testing customer and would like to try the new Android 14 (DP) capabilities, please contact your success manager. Click here, to see a brief demo so that you can see it in action.

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