Appium Studio

Get your Appium automation going within minutes with no hardware dependencies.

No Hardware Dependencies

Appium Studio by expands test coverage to include iOS apps on Windows machines, while visual reports help boost visibility and shorten feedback cycles.

Continuous Testing Animated UI Updated

Simple Test Development

Simple Test Development

  • Easily develop stable tests with XPath and Object Spy
  • Develop tests using the intuitive Mobile Studio UI
  • Integrate with your IDE for powerful automation projects
Simple Test Development

Increased Test Coverage

Increased Test Coverage

  • Test any type of application (native, web, hybrid) with Appium Studio
  • Execute performance and accessibility testing as part of functional testing
  • Expand testing to out of app functionality, as well as image injection and audio testing
Increased Test Coverage

Parallel Execution

Parallel Execution

  • Execute large scale execution with the ootb mobile device grid
  • Seamlessly Integrate with and execute tests from any CI environment
  • Highlight real issues, and reduce environmental nose with Quality reporting and Analytics
Parallel Execution


Test in Minutes

Install with a single click and develop new tests or execute existing Appium projects on cloud devices.

Test on iOS

Execute Appium tests using a Windows machine, with automated registration that eliminates provisioning

Reuse Appium Tests

Run Appium test projects with no need for modification using the Appium Webdriver API.

Mobile Test Development

Create stable tests using object identification methods to easily understand application structure.

Detailed Reports

Identify root cause, and resolve faults faster with detailed test reports.

IntelliJ and Eclipse

Use these plugins to perform end-to-end mobile test automation directly from within your IDE

See why you need application hardening as part of your DevSecOps strategy!

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