Continuous Testing already supports iOS 16 (GA). Discover the new features and see how it works with a demo.

Continuous Testing

This article was updated September 13, 2022. is proud to announce that our Continuous Testing solution is offering the immediate support testing on iOS 16 (GA). Our iOS team worked around the clock to facilitate the support of iOS 16 (GA), within 15 hours of its release. As a result, our customers can test their mobile applications on iOS 16 at their earliest convenience.

Supporting new iOS versions as soon as they are released is a key capability that we have reinforced for many years and one that enables our customers to prepare their apps with plenty of time to spare.

Support for iOS 16 (GA) includes the following capabilities:

  • Manual testing
  • Appium test execution
  • Appium test creation
  • Mobile UX performance
  • Mobile accessibility

Here are some highlights about Apple’s iOS 16 (GA) release:

  • Lock Screen – The lock screen has taken a lot of focus in this release with new functionality like customizing and editing the style for better personalization, some of the new customizable features are shuffling photos, stylized date and time, and widgets like weather, calendar events, and notifications.
  • Messaging – also has some new features like the ability to edit a message for up to 15 minutes after sending, undoing that send, and an option to recover messages up to 30 days after deletion.
  • Safari – has new capabilities as well like sharing a set of tabs with a group, which gives everyone the ability to add their own tabs. You can pin these tab groups for easier access. With Live Text users will have the ability to translate text into images and with new languages (Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, and Dutch) added as well.

Below is the Continuous Testing cloud interface, showing an iOS 16 device available for manual interaction and automation capabilities.

iOS 16 screen


Here is a brief demo of the beta version that was first to support when it was released in June:


If you are a Continuous Testing (formerly Experitest) customer and would like to try the new iOS 16 capabilities, please contact your success manager. 


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