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Get quality right with enterprise Digital Testing

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Get quality right with enterprise Digital Testing

Continuous Testing

The era of digital transformation has brought new challenges to enterprises. Web and mobile apps must be developed and released within a rigid and specific time frame. Building a quality machine for your organization with strong digital testing will help mediate these challenges. It will also allow your enterprise to combat the abilities of GAFA companies.


Almost every facet of life is evolving. Thanks to new methods of communication and collaboration businesses are using applications to evolve and meet the needs of a newly digitized world.


In the past, businesses were brick and mortar affairs. Larger companies like banks had branches, safes, and tellers who knew you, and likely most of your family. Today banks, telecommunications companies, and even retail outlets are more akin to software companies who happen to be involved in banking. Take a grocery store chain that offers online ordering and delivery. They could be considered an eCommerce company that deals in food. The list goes on and on.


This shift in identity and speed has become commonplace for enterprises that operate in competitive markets that are impacted by digital transformation. The impact comes via customers who are better educated than ever before and know exactly what they want. What the consumer of today values over all other organizational assets is the user experience in the digital arena.


They must evolve quickly too. Speed, however, can be a killer if a release or update comes out on time but does not function properly. On the American competitive cooking show Top Chef, contestants are constantly warned not to serve components that are not up to their standard simply because they were part of the initial concept for a dish. It is an unacceptable practice to sacrifice quality in favor of speed.


Velocity at any Cost


Top Business Priorities


With the shift in the way products are purchased and consumed due to digital transformation, business priorities have shifted as well.


The obvious priorities according to the diagram from Forrester are to grow revenue and improve the customer experience. What this adds up to is an ever-accelerating time-to-market and continual improvements to both the web and mobile aspects of a company's offering.


It all feeds back towards improving customer experience. Gone are the days where simply releasing a new product or feature faster than the competition would improve your market share.


Digital Assurance is an Unfair Game


If you are an organization that has implemented any variant of agile methodology you will discover quickly that a poor user experience is the main barrier to adoption. Poor customer experience often comes as the result of a lack of continuous digital testing. The idea is that in order to properly address any bugs or errors in a release you must have some form of automated testing in order to obtain feedback in a timely fashion during the development stages. The more tests you can run the better your chances are of releasing a cleanly performing app. Digital assurance needs to cover any scenario including different device models, OS and browser combinations. If you don't test this way you will fall into a huge technical debt that will be difficult to overcome.


Large enterprises are taking great strides into the digital transformation arena which is dominated by mega-corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple (GAFA) and more.


Standing up to the big boys is kind of unfair. When you factor in their engineering capabilities in digital assurance, GAFA organizations have the infrastructure to operate at a different level than normal. These corporations have nearly limitless engineering capabilities, and experience in providing a high quality and large scale user experience.


So to that end, when you step-up against these juggernauts you had better stand correct or else the GAFA organizations will keep you in check.


The Quality Machine is your ticket to join the Digital Transformation Table


Enterprises need to build something that we call the ‘quality machine'. GAFA companies have the ability to hire any guru, rockstar, or ninja that they require. More modestly run enterprises must, to borrow a phrase from former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie, "trust the process".

That process of app and update releases combined with a continuous digital testing environment will help you weed out any and all issues with a release without the highly recruited experts.


The quality machine is digital testing the way Henry Ford would have done it, via an assembly line.


The digital testing process is broken down into a pipeline of predefined processes. In this process, versions move from one stage to another. Testing, happens throughout the entire pipeline, as a central part of the process.


digital testing


It is like how when developing a race car the engineers and designers rely on constant feedback from the racing drivers to let them know which parts of the car are ready and which need more testing and development. To that end, you could call a racing driver a continuous testing tool.


The point is that no one person is responsible for the process of digital assurance. In any good DevOps or Agile implementation feedback and collaboration are essential in order to ensure that everyone has a stake in the quality of the release.


Once you build the overall Quality Machine process, you will be guaranteed to release a high-quality app or update. It will not depend on specific organizational individuals.


The Practical Application of Digital Testing


Let's take a look at the following image:


Practical Application


In this example, the need for constant releases means a need for testing. In return you are provided with reliable and comprehensive data.


That is where the SeeTest Digital Assurance lab comes in. It starts with real mobile devices, hosted at our global data centers, or in a device lab that you can set up on your own own premises. Test your app on any device or browser including thousands of different permutations of devices by different manufacturers running different OSes. Run automated digital testing for any type of app (native, web, hybrid). You can also use the same development tools you are comfortable with. Test on any browser including the latest and older versions. This puts developers, test engineers and DevOps engineers in the driver's seat when it comes to testing their applications. When digital testing is complete testers will receive clear and actionable test analytics. The analytics come on report form can be shared with any member of an organization. All of these features can be integrated with and executed from your CI environment as part of your CI pipeline.


Digital Assurance Lab


Companies today are combating the challenges of digital transformation by building assembly line-like processes that are fully automated and run constantly. With that ability, it is no longer about taking a version from concept to market in a specific time. App versions are being developed and tested constantly. The new code can be entered into the process at any time. This will lead to more efficient and timely digital testing.

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Guy Arieli - CTO

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