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App Management
Apperian’s mobile app wrapping system is one of the industry’s most advanced and customizable. You can easily add enterprise features to your existing iOS and Android mobile apps without needing to modify code or hire a developer. With 3 clicks you can wrap, sign, and deploy apps to your employees to provide enhanced functionality to benefit your organization.
With per-app Single Sign On, you can instantly add your company’s SSO authentication to all of your mobile apps. Using SSO, you can:
  • Dynamically change access to apps, for instance, if someone joins a new team and you want to update the apps available to them in your enterprise app store
  • Block users from accessing apps, such as if an employee leaves the company, you can safely remove access to sensitive apps instantly
  • Give users access to apps only during certain times, such as during working hours, or during a company event
  • Block access to an app for every employee in your company, for instance if a security hole is discovered
With App Usage statistics, you can get real-time analytics on how your users interact with your apps. You can discover:
  • How often employees use your apps
  • How many people use the app once and never use it again
  • Compare your employees’ success between those who use your app regularly and those who don’t, to provide a return-on-investment value for your mobile apps
  • Know for certain who is and isn’t using your mobile apps
With Self-Updating apps, you can guarantee that your users always have the latest and greatest version of your mobile apps. Whenever a new build is released, they get notified about the update directly inside the app.
  • Keep all of your employees on the same version of an app
  • Force your employees to update the app, for instance if a security hole is discovered
  • Set a mandatory update date for an app, so your employees get a reminder to update every day, but on the mandatory update date they are forced to update
  • If you are using your employees to test apps, this can reduce the risk of bugs reported for older builds of apps. Your testers will always be using the latest app version
With App Remote Control, you can view and manipulate your employees’ apps live from a web browser, no matter where they are in the world. Using remote control, you can:
  • Trouble shoot problems a user is having in real time
  • Train employees on how to use your app
  • Demo new product features to employees remotely
With data wipe, you can clear the personal data from an app instantly from a web control panel. Apperian customers have used data wipe to:
  • Give a tablet to a customer, such as a hotel guest or a hospital patient, and then securely wipe data they entered into mobile apps without needing to wipe the entire device
  • Clear authentication and security credentials from apps for an employee who has left your company
The Apperian dynamic policy engine is fully customizable and can be integrated with any API or internal system. Have your development team create any type of policy you can imagine. For instance, you could:
  • Have your apps display new Terms of Service to every employee when they are updated, fetched directly from your system
  • Determine access to an app from your own in-house management software
  • Send an email to a user with instructions the first time they open an app
  • Tie security information, such as a jailbroken device or a compromised app, directly to your internal security infrastructure.

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