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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Sep 18, 2018 — DevOps Expert

Jenkins World 2018: Day 1 Highlights


Greetings from Jenkins World 2018! XebiaLabs is in San Francisco for this exciting gathering of DevOps practitioners and Jenkins users. This year’s show focuses on digital transformation, and you can feel it in the air; everyone is excited to talk about transformation strategies, and how to take DevOps to the next level.

In Tuesday’s keynote, CloudBees CEO, Sacha Labourey, emphasized that every business is now a software business, and that the impact of Continuous Delivery goes beyond software. Continuously delivering software is no longer enough; organizations must continuously deliver value, continuously evolve their processes, and embrace the continuous economy.

[caption id="attachment_20726" align="aligncenter" width="604"] CloudBees CEO, Sacha Labourey, speaking at Jenkins World 2018[/caption] As CloudBees CPO, Christina Noren, pointed out during the keynote, every business is under pressure to innovate constantly, and increasing velocity introduces new business risks and challenges. To deal with these challenges, organizations implement governance that includes compliance requirements and other processes that aim to ensure consistency. But at the same time, software developers want tools that don’t just help them move faster; they want tools that are also fun to use.

DevSecOps: The Missing Link

XebiaLabs Solutions Architect, Vincent Lussenburg, spoke about the rise of DevSecOps and the role of security in the software development process. Where does security belong in the Continuous Delivery pipeline? The answer: everywhere! [caption id="attachment_20734" align="aligncenter" width="5374"] XebiaLabs Solutions Architect, Vincent Lussenburg, presented on DevSecOps to a large and enthusiastic crowd![/caption] Embedding security throughout the software delivery process is key. From the beginning of each sprint, when you should work actively with your security team to identify potential attack vectors in the features you’re building; to executing automated code analysis that can be controlled with rules and audited for consistency. DevOps teams should work with security teams to leverage their security knowledge, codify it by embedding it in test cases, and automate it by running those test cases automatically during the development lifecycle.

The View from the Booth

At the XebiaLabs booth, we’re showing attendees the power of using the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform to connect Jenkins with other tools in the DevOps pipeline. It’s been great to learn about how different organizations are using Jenkins today and the challenges they face when trying to scale DevOps across different projects, applications, and teams.Many of our conversations in the booth echo messages from today’s keynote: DevOps leaders are trying to balance the need for governance with developers’ need for flexibility. XebiaLabs can help organizations support governance requirements, such as code compliance checking and audit reporting, while empowering developers to self-service deploy their code in the cloud, on premises, or wherever it needs to go.

Visit Us!

If you’re finding that your developers are spending more time writing and maintaining scripts to deploy and release software than on creating new software and features, come visit us at Jenkins World, booth 113, to learn how you can evolve your Continuous Integration practice to full Continuous Delivery at enterprise scale. Anyone that comes by the booth will be greeted with a free mini poster of the newly released version of our Periodic Table of DevOps Tools!

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