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Last Updated Jan 17, 2012 — App Management expert

Mentor at the School of Communication Arts 2.0

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Any school that claims Advertising is DEAD, and uses words like "Rocket Fuel for your Career", "We Don't Care About Your Grades" and that they have 35 students and 500 teachers sounds like a perfect fit for me. In fact, I am not sure whether I want to teach here or be a student, but I can tell you I am very excited to be able to work with these "kids" (check it out and you will see there is no age brackets - just talent) today and give a talk on "what makes a transformative mobile user interface". The School of Communication Arts 2.0 is an "advertising school" that gives its students real world experience with a goal to create Ideapreneurs and that is best described by one of its students Sophie Bosworth in her blog. The application form alone may be the coolest form to apply to school I have ever seen but then again this is no ordinary school! I came to know this school by meeting it's founder and dean Marc Lewis. Marc founded SCA to continue the work of John Geddard, a top advertising teacher and executive who taught Sir John Haggerty and other legendary British Advertising phenoms. My day started at the school started with a intro from Marc and I gave an hour session they call a "Master Class". After the master class there were a bunch of great/well thought through questions from some of the brightest creative minds I have ever met. On this day the team at SCA was working through their ideas for a new pitch for Vogel - a disgusting tasting bread consumed mostly in New Zealand, that amazing only tastes good when you toast it! The students attack the challenge by collaborating and pitching ideas to each other - then preparing a sketched out visual of an advertising campaign that may involve an Ad, Video, TV, or Mobile App - everything in context. I loved working with Marc and his students and hope to be a regular at the School of Communications Arts 2.0 as Apperian continues to grow our business an expand into the UK. Who knows - we may even be lucky enough to snag one or two of these top gun creative minds to join us on our quest.

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