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Last Updated Jan 13, 2012 — App Management expert

My Favorite Things at CES 2012

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CES 2012CES 2012 is huge. There are four main areas spread across 1.7 million square feet and nearly 150,000 attendees. So picking a few highlighted "cool things" is pretty tough. Of course, I had to check out the latest smart phones. Everyone seemed to like the Lumia 900, Nokia's first 4G LTE Windows Phone, which will run on AT&T's 4G LTE network. I've seen the Windows Phone OS before but it really shines on this device. I'm rooting for Windows to make a comeback with consumers--and in the enterprise. I checked out the new Android devices, cruised by the Blackberry booth to see the latest QNX OS, but honestly, it all seemed to blend together. I'm still pretty happy with my iPhone and it works well. What I was really impressed by was two things that I think might "change my life" if they come to fruition.3D Television I can watch. A new crop of 3D televisions that don't require the hated "3D glasses" is coming. I was always very suspicious of "3D TV" as a scheme by manufacturers to get us all to move to the next upgrade after we went out and got HD TVs. As someone who actually wears glasses already, the idea of putting on another pair kills me. Watching the 3D version of Avatar with the funky glasses never worked for me! But after standing in front of the Sony 46" LCD 3D TV I felt we'd turn the corner. Of course, now we just need all our content created in 3D!Wireless Electricity I can use. This is something I’ve been interested in since Tesla showed it was possible in 1893. (OK, I'm not really that old!) But a local company run by Eric Giler (Witricity) has been showing this for years, and there is now the "Wireless Power Consortium" (Qi) that promises that we can avoid the ridiculous power cord debacle we all experience with cell phones, laptops, etc. Really, though, all I want to be able to do is sit at my desk, place my iPhone, iPad, and other stuff on the desk -- and it charges! What's really cool is that this is now available, although not mass market yet. The best part is the higher voltage possibilities like the "Wirelessly Powered Home" where you can fry your food and run your blender on a countertop. It's better and safer and I hope it comes soon!

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