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Last Updated May 09, 2018 — DevOps Expert

On-Demand Webinar: The DevOps Shangri-La and Mystical Claims of Paradise


Bridging the gap between Development and Operations teams to improve software delivery isn’t easy. Developers want the freedom to innovate, while Operations teams want to mitigate risk. Yet, to best serve the business, these two teams must efficiently collaborate to deliver the software and online services that customers and end users want.

For these teams, DevOps is the Shangri-La of software delivery. But getting there isn’t easy, and the promise of the paradise that awaits might be different from what they're expecting. So, what gets in the way of implementing a DevOps strategy? What issues are keeping enterprises from building momentum and excelling with their DevOps initiatives? In a recent webinar, Rob Stroud, CPO of XebiaLabs, addressed the common pitfalls hindering DevOps adoption and how enterprise organizations can start on the path to building and releasing software at a high velocity.

Where to Start?

The goal of any DevOps initiative is to create a software delivery pipeline that delivers change faster to the business, while constantly improving quality and reducing risk. But the road to Shangri-La really starts with an understanding of what your organization is trying to accomplish with DevOps.
  • Are slow deployment cycles killing your organization’s ability to leverage applications as a competitive differentiator?
  • Is ongoing maintenance cannibalizing your developers’ time?
  • Do you need automated controls to streamline compliance across all your releases?
Regardless of the specific end goal, the key to true DevOps is getting to automation across the entire software delivery pipeline, in other words, creating repeatable, consistent processes.DevOps, Continuous Delivery

Driving Velocity, Quality, and Consistency in Software Delivery

Nearly every vendor claims to have an offering that fits in the DevOps toolchain- one that is pivotal to the success of DevOps. On the journey to the DevOps Shangri-La, however, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction. Every tool in the software delivery pipeline solves a distinct point problem, but no one DevOps tool can automate every part of the software delivery chain. However, you can have a single DevOps platform that integrates all those great tools and lets you manage them all from one place. (Check out our Periodic Table of DevOps Tools to see a sampling of the many DevOps tools companies are using.) A true DevOps approach calls for such a platform, one that orchestrates the pipeline, with all its tools and processes, from end to end. Orchestration of DevOps tools and processes is especially important for large enterprises that need to scale their DevOps implementations across hundreds or thousands of applications and a wide diversity of technologies. With a DevOps platform, Operations teams, release engineers, and managers can collaborate to deliver software in a defined, predictable, and repeatable way. And that’s how organizations reach a true DevOps Shangri-La, namely by rapidly and consistently delivering new features, new capabilities, and high-quality products so that the business is in the best possible position to compete and win in the market.Check Out This Webinar to Learn More About:
  • The cultural challenges inhibiting DevOps success and how to overcome them
  • The processes and tools that facilitate DevOps
  • Real-world DevOps examples and use cases
  • Why Continuous Delivery is the path to true DevOps success
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