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Last Updated Mar 24, 2021 — Terri Schlosser, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, DevOps

Paving the way for better mobile and web application testing orchestration

Keeping applications up to date and ensuring they work is a daunting task. Ensuring you can continuously test and release application updates is a must-have to meet customer expectations.

Continuous Testing

Keeping applications up to date and ensuring they work with all of the latest mobile and web systems is often a daunting task. With so many different mobile devices running different operating systems, ensuring you can continuously test and release application updates is a must-have to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.  

We make this process easier for our customers with our Continuous Testing (formerly Experitest) plugin for Release. This newly released and supported plugin enables customers to easily integrate and execute manual and automated mobile and web application tests and track results as part of their software delivery process. This integration is a step towards bringing together industry-leading DevOps and continuous testing solutions to automate processes and increase compliance. The integration between these two solutions represents a big move towards the enablement of enterprises to leverage a complete and comprehensive VSM solution. 

Easily orchestrate testing across the software delivery release process

Using Continuous Testing as part of your software delivery process in Release means you can easily build mobile and web testing into every phase of your release process. For example, you can execute and track unit tests during development, regression tests during regression, and UX testing during user acceptance testing. By incorporating Continuous Testing into your Release pipelines, your testing tasks will be part of your Software Chain of Custody and audit/compliance reports, further improving end-to-end visibility and compliance. Additionally, you can track testing outcomes across releases using a single dashboard, so everyone can see the progress using the same set of data, improving collaboration and communication across teams. Continuous Testing integration details

The Continuous Testing plugin for Release directly supports testing on both Android and iOS, ensuring high quality — regardless of the device. This first release of the Continuous Testing plugin includes the following capabilities:

  • Execute Espresso test cases for easy testing on Android devices from Release
  • Execute XCUI test cases for easy testing on iOS devices from Release
  • Get run status and results of all of your Espresso and XCUI tests – as part of your overall Release process status, making it easier to track and view test progress  
  • Create views for users to quickly review overall and individual test results for each device model and OS, including a recorded playback video of the test
  • Enable developers to use the Jenkins build number to see the results of their Appium tests from the Continuous Testing environment 

Take a look at how easy it is:

More information at your fingertips

If you are interested in learning more, we have multiple ways to get started:

  • To learn more about the Continuous Testing plugin, please refer to the Continuous Testing plugin documentation
  • Current Release customers can download the plugin and get started today

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