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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 11, 2018 — DevOps Expert

Periodic Table of DevOps Tools Version 3 – Coming Soon


You read that right – the XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is getting a makeover! Popular with DevOps industry experts and novices alike, our interactive Periodic Table of DevOps Tools features 120 of the industry’s top tools in spaces such as Release Management, Deployment, SCM, and more, giving users a glimpse into the ever-growing DevOps tooling space.

With version 3 of the Periodic Table coming soon, the door is open for another 120* tools to take the top spots. We want your feedback! Read on to find out how to enter your favorite tool.

*Ok, so the original Periodic Table only has 118 elements, but DevOps is all about changing with the times, right?
[caption id="attachment_18226" align="aligncenter" width="2266"] The XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is an elegant showcase of the top 120 DevOps tools in the industry, broken down by cost model and type of tool. An industry favorite![/caption]

Let us know about your favorite DevOps tools

We offer two interactive tools that you can use to tell us about the DevOps tools you like best: The Ultimate DevOps Tool Chest and DevOps Hot or Not. We use feedback collected by these tools when considering which tools to add to our Periodic Table.

The Ultimate DevOps Tool Chest

Thanks to submissions from contributors around the world, the XebiaLabs Ultimate DevOps Tool Chest holds over 450 DevOps tools, with more submissions coming in daily. You can search the entire Tool Chest, and filter by tool type or cost model to see what different combinations yield. To submit a tool, go here.The XebiaLabs Ultimate DevOps Tool Chest - submit a tool for consideration for the Periodic Table of DevOps, version 3

DevOps Hot or Not 

What tool is hotter in categories like Configuration Management, Containerization, and Continuous Integration? Using our DevOps Hot or Not interactive tool, you can work your way through thousands of matchups to see which tools are the hottest in any given category. By casting your vote, you'll not only have a lot of fun, but will give us feedback on which tools we should consider for the Periodic Table.DevOps Hot or Not - Give your feedback for the new Periodic Table of DevOps

Share the news with a friend!

Be sure to tell your friends that a new version of the Periodic Table is coming soon and how they can get in on the action too.


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