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Last Updated Mar 13, 2017 — Continuous Testing Expert

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Continuous Testing


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Tue, Mar 21, 2017 2:00 PM IST and 1:00 PM EDT

In today's competitive markets, enterprises rely on mobile applications to create great user experiences. Mobile development and QA teams feel the pressure to deliver superior quality apps faster than the competition while facing a constantly evolving technological landscape.


Join this webinar to learn how integrating continuous testing in the CI/CD process helps shorten mobile app release cycles and ensures high customer satisfaction.


HIGHLIGHTS:• How to overcome the QA challenges in implementing mobile CI/CD in enterprises • CI/CD best practices for mobile app testing • Case study – how a large North American Company cut their mobile app release cycle to two weeks by reworking their testing process


SPEAKERS:Tal Barmeir – CEO, Experitest

Tal Barmeir - enterprise appium


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