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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 06, 2015 — DevOps Expert

The New XL Deploy 5.0


Over the last 9 months the XebiaLabs dev team has been working tirelessly to develop a harder, better, faster, stronger XL Deploy for our new and existing customers. By applying an immense amount of user feedback and combining that with the framework from version 4.9, we have been able to rebuild XL Deploy to demonstrate the full power of its application deployment abilities. With the addition of our flexible artifacts storage and purging, sub-group deployments, additional interfaces for creating applications, and an array of new user interface features, making XL Deploy 5.0 the most effective/scalable/efficient/other application release tool on the market.

What is XL Deploy?

XL Deploy is the most advanced Application Release Automation tool anywhere. It automates your application deployment process so releases can occur in a repeatable, standard and efficient way. The end result? Higher quality software delivered faster – at scale.

XL Deploy helps youXLD50-Deployment-Workspace

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce the number of software failures, and recover more quickly from them
  • Ensure regulatory and audit compliance
  • Improve collaboration between teams
  • Easily roll back deployments when necessary
  • Release software with consistency and high quality

XL Deploy 5.0 New Features

New interfaces for applications and environments

To improve usability for new users, XL Deploy now includes additional interfaces for creating applications (deployment packages) and environments. To use these interfaces, go to the Deployment Workspace and click the buttons in the Packages and Deployed Applications panes.

The XL Deploy user interface improvements

  • In the Deployment Workspace, you can set up a deployment by dragging an application or deployment package onto the target environment or onto a deployed application.
  • When you set up a deployment, the artifacts and resources in your deployment package are now automatically mapped to the containers in the target environment. You can use the buttons at the top of the Deployment Workspace to change the mapping.
  • In the Repository, you can double-click an item in the hierarchy (such as a directory) to expand it.
  • The menu that appears in the top-right corner has been improved.
  • New icons for applications, environments, infrastructure, and other items have been introduced.

Satellite Technology option

XL Satellite technology is an optional paid addition that enables you to distribute software across low-bandwidth connections and across platforms with increased reliability and scalability:

  • Stand-alone XL Satellite processes run in each datacenter
  • XL Deploy orchestrates deployments to each satellite
  • The satellites receive the deployment files (artifacts) and deploy them
  • Deployment files are streamed to the satellites securely and reliable

Flexible artifact storage

In addition to using XL Deploy's internal repository to store deployment artifacts (files), you can now refer artifacts that are stored in external locations such as a Maven repository.

Dependencies between application versions

You can now define dependencies between versions of applications. XL Deploy will check dependencies during deployment and alert you if a required version is missing from the environment.

Allow deployment by sub-groups

Four new by deployment group orchestrators allow you to deploy to sub-groups and sub-sub-groups of middleware containers, sequentially or in parallel.

Additional new features

  • A new installer makes it easy to install XL Deploy on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.
  • You can now install XL Deploy as a service or daemon in Windows and Unix-based environments.
  • The new XLDP format bundles plugins with their dependencies for simpler installation.
  • XL Deploy now allows you to define schedules for automatically purging deployment packages and tasks.
  • Admins can put XL Deploy into maintenance mode to prepare the XL Deploy server for a restart.

Download Now

New Users

Whether you want to play with our new features or create your own environment, you can download XL Deploy free of charge at:

Existing Community

With the launch of XL Deploy 5.0 and its rockstar lineup of new features we are requiring our community members to download a new license as a part of the 5.0 upgrade. A new license can be downloaded here:

Version Specs and Process

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