Written by Coreen Wilson

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework is not just a buzzword in the world of Agile; it’s revolutionizing how organizations define success and align their strategy to execution.

The recent incorporation of OKRs into the Scaled Agile Framework 6.0 (SAFe® 6) positions Agile practitioners to tap into a structured approach for setting and tracking goals, just as it has bolstered Google’s legendary growth.

At its core, OKRs encompass Objectives to point us to the desired destination, measurable Key Results to track our journey’s progress and initiatives—the concerted actions we take to reach our Objectives. However, developing and managing OKRs that are ambitious yet achievable requires a robust platform, and that’s where Digital.ai Agility comes into play.

A Brief History of OKRs

Tracing back their roots to 1968, thanks to Intel CEO Andrew Grove, OKRs were thrust into the limelight when John Doerr popularized the framework. It’s a system built around simplicity to capture an organization’s collective ambition—aligning teams and flexing with the demands of a dynamic business environment.

The Essence of OKRs

To be effective, OKRs must be more than just aspirational—they need to meet several criteria:

OKRs Agility Blog Criteria Chart

Embracing OKRs with Digital.ai Agility

When it comes to implementing this powerful framework, Agility is the go-to tool for Agile practitioners. As an integrated part of your Agile toolkit, you can seamlessly add, update, and delete OKRs as your strategic priorities evolve.

Imagine having the power to filter OKRs by owner or session, ensuring clarity and alignment across teams. Adding Key Results to your OKRs becomes intuitive with Agility, supporting real-time progress updates and tracking to keep everyone on the same page.

Initiatives, the drivers behind achieving the objectives, are represented in Digital.ai as Portfolio Items and can be broken down into Epics, Features, and User Stories. This granular view connects day-to-day tasks and execution directly to strategic priorities, encapsulating the essence of the OKR framework within the familiar interface of Agility.

Agility interface OKRs

Keeping Strategy and Execution in Sync

Agile practitioners understand that the value of a plan lies in its execution. Therefore, the link between initiatives and objectives is critical. In Agility, every code commit, every story, and every feature take you closer to your OKRs, reinforcing the ultimate purpose of your Agile practices.

The Agile Advantage with OKRs

OKRs offer a strategic compass for Agile teams guiding every sprint and release. They encapsulate the Agile tenet of iterative improvement—not only in products and services but also in strategic outcomes. Utilizing OKRs within Agility positions Agile practitioners to:

  • Ensure every team member understands the “why” behind their work.
  • Foster alignment and transparency across various team levels.
  • Equip teams with the ability to pivot quickly based on feedback loops.
  • Reinforce the customer-centric approach by linking customer value directly to business objectives.

The integration of OKRs into SAFe® 6 and the support evident in Agility mark a paradigm shift in Agile goal setting and execution alignment. For the Agile practitioner, this is the opening of a new chapter—one where strategy and execution dance in harmony, driving impactful and sustained growth.


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