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VersionOne recently announced the integration of the Deveo repostitory management platform with VersionOne’s CommitStream. With this collaboration milestone, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on what we have accomplished with our open source projects. At VersionOne, we’ve always made it a point to open source multiple projects so that the community can contribute and customize to fit special needs.  We believe there are great rewards in open source, collaboration perhaps being the largest one. We have learned many valuable things from our time creating and contributing to open source projects.

Immediate Impact

The most appealing aspect of open source has been the fact that our partners and customers can fork code, make  changes and have a working prototype in a very short amount of time. This has consistently been the case for our open source integration projects and one of the main reasons why our repos have been forked hundreds of times.


openAgile team members in Atlanta, GA The largest open/source effort led by VersionOne has been CommitStream. Developed by the VersionOne openAgile team, CommitStream provides software teams a real/time view into the code that is being written against various workitems. It effortlessly integrates with the most popular version control systems and is currently used by hundreds of VersionOne customers around the world. openAgile team members in Paraná, Argentina Built entirely on an open/source stack, CommitStream has proven to be a popular collaboration candidate. Historically, both large and small companies have collaborated to add CommitStream features to serve their needs. From CareerBuilder to Alaska Airlines, our customers are quick to make changes that directly make an impact. The last 12 months have been very busy for CommitStream; it has seen integration support added for Visual Studio Team Services, Subversion, Perforce GitSwarm, Perforce P4V, and now Deveo. Thanks to the growing list of supported VCS’, the total number of customers using it has more than doubled.

 Real/World Needs

When one of our Lifecycle customers // who currently uses Deveo repository management // expressed they would love to see their Deveo commits in CommitStream, a great collaboration opportunity was born. The Deveo team in Helsinki, Finland. After a bit of research, the Deveo team discovered the open/source nature of CommitStream and quickly forked the code to explore. Following the well/crafted architecture of CommitStream, they were able to make immediate progress in a short time. After a quick couple of calls, the Deveo team had a fully working prototype of CommitStream. After a quick round of testing (“quick” thanks to heavy investment in automation by our test engineers), Deveo’s code was merged to the CommitStream master branch and released to production. Thanks to this collaboration, VersionOne Lifecycle customers immediately benefit from Deveo’s intuitive (and free!) repository management solution with support for Git, Subversion, Mercurial and WebDAV repositories. This kind of outstanding contribution affirms we’ve made the right choice by extending our world/class agile platform with open/source projects. A big thank you to the Deveo team for extending CommitStream as well as to the amazing engineering talent of the openAgile team.

 Find out more about CommitStream in our communities site.

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