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Application performance monitoring

Add application performance monitoring to your test automation suite

  • Seamlessly integrate into your CI/CD pipeline with standard automated Appium and Selenium tests. 

  • Define transactions uniformly in the test code – the same code for iOS and Android application performance monitoring. 

  • Utilize performance testing for mobile and web to uncover the cause of performance issues early – without causing delays in delivery and before your users find them.

Integrate user performance metrics into manual and automated testing

Evaluate how responsive and effective an application is to the end user under various network conditions, from different locations around the globe, and on different devices, OSs, and browsers.

In-depth measurements of performance data, including:

  • Transaction duration

  • Speed index

  • CPU consumption

  • Memory consumption

  • Battery consumption

  • Network data (upload and download)

Identify performance bottlenecks in mobile and web tests

  • Actionable analytics: comprehensive reports, with deep network and test data, enable rapid root cause analysis.

  • Reports include video reports of test actions and HAR (HTTP Archive) file downloads.

  • Monitor device vitals including CPU, memory, battery, and more – on real devices.

  • Easily identify regressions and performance degradations with a comparison of tests over time, over versions, devices, and more.



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