Mobile App Wrapping

Mobile app wrapping is a method for applying business or security logic to individual apps that have already been compiled.

Table of Contents App Management’s patented dynamic policy engine provides customers with the industry’s most diverse set of app wrapping policies. These policies can be applied directly to apps without requiring an SDK or any changes to the underlying app code. Dynamic policies can also be added, removed and configured without having to re-sign or redistribute apps. With a simple checkbox interface, administrators can fine-tune policies on an app-by-app basis. Policies can also be stacked and work together for extremely robust security and management. App Management provides three types of mobile app wrapping policies:

Security policies that create “self-defending” apps that protect themselves on whatever device they are running on. Policies such as FIPS 140-2 encryption, copy/paste protection, corporate authentication, app-level VPN, jailbreak detection, data wipe, app expiration and run-time integrity check provide a robust set of security measures for administrators.

Management policies to help administrators with user support and keep apps updated across a large user population. Apps can be made visible to different sets of users based on their role and administrators can enable or disable apps at any time.

Analytic policies that provide actionable, app-level insight into how apps are being used and by whom. A dashboard displays pertinent information graphically for a high-level view.