Mobile App Security and Protection

Secure the mobile apps you create with Mobile Application Security from

Protect the mobile apps you create through obfuscation of code, anti-tampering, and other app hardening techniques.

Monitor threats to those apps. Automatically react to app attacks by building Runtime Application Protection (RASP) directly into your apps.

Protect, Monitor, React

Enhance your mobile app security by inserting protections into mobile apps at build – without slowing down development. Monitor threats to the the apps you give to your customers. Integrate monitoring capabilities with your existing SIEM. Automatically react to app attacks through Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP). Prevent applications that are not protected from being released into production.

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Build Secure Mobile Apps to Prevent Reverse Engineering


Protect Mobile Apps

Frustrate static analysis by obfuscating mobile application code such that decompiled code flattened, encrypted, and otherwise difficult for threat actors to read.

  • Prevent reverse-engineering of your mobile application
  • Obfuscate mobile app code
  • Prevent mobile app tampering
  • Avoid slowing down developers by inserting protections into the mobile apps you create at the compile stage

Protect Mobile Apps


Monitor Threats to Mobile Apps

Monitor threats to mobile applications with our threat monitoring and analytics solution. Get alerts when mobile apps are put in unsafe environments and when modified mobile app code is run.

  • Get alerted when the mobile apps you give to your customers are attacked
  • See which, when, and where specific protections are triggered
  • View threats through our stand-alone dashboard or integrate alerts into your existing SIEM
  • Receive real time alerts into threats to mobile apps and/or utilize searchable logs

Mobile Applications


React Automatically to Attacks on your Mobile Apps

Build Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) into your apps so that they can automatically react to attacks in real time as those attacks occur

  • Automatically force step up authentication when attacks are detected
  • Customize reactions to alter specific application capabilities when protections are triggered
  • Shut down applications to ensure safety when the most critical functionality is attacked or damaged


Exploiting Your App Code is Easier Than Ever

Threat actors are better organized and have access to more funding than ever. They can tamper with your apps using any of the following easily available tools:

Jailbroken Device or Rooted Device

Jailbreak and Root “Communities” of hackers share tips, tricks and techniques for breaking free of restrictions that Apple and Google place on iOS and Android devices on various easily discoverable forums throughout the internet.


Dozens of popular tools are used by Computer Science students, hackers, and threat actors all the time. Most of these tools are freely available and legal to use for legitimate purposes but can easily be used to reverse-engineer the apps you create and give to your customers.


Emulators allow students, hackers and threat actors to run apps intended for use on mobile devices on PC and Mac OSs for a variety of use cases. Threat actors regularly avail themselves of emulators to test various attacks on mobile applications.


Debug tools such as Chrome DevTools, Bugsee, Instabug, Xcode are available to download and are invaluable for developers and threat actors alike.

How to Protect Your Apps

Code Obfuscation

Code obfuscation reorders and reconfigures the machine or source code at compile, making it harder for threat actors to read and, thus, harder for them to exploit.

Live Monitoring

Automated reporting and alert mechanisms show App Owners whether, when and where their app is being run in a compromised or unsafe environment.

Real-time Responses

Swiftly react to attempts to compromise your app with custom actions, such as forced authentication and anti-cheat mechanisms.

See why you need application hardening as part of your DevSecOps strategy!

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Mobile App Security and Protection

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