Mobile App Security and Protection

Secure the mobile apps you create with Mobile Applicatiion Security from

Protect the mobile apps you create.
Monitor those apps.
Automatically react to app attacks.

Product Description

Enhance your mobile app security by inserting protections into mobile apps at build. Monitor your apps post-production. Automatically react to app attacks. Prevent applications that are not protected from being released into production.


Build Secure Apps to Prevent Reverse Engineering


Protect Mobile Apps

  • Prevent reverse-engineering of your mobile application
  • Obfuscate mobile app code
  • Prevent mobile app tampering
  • Insert security into the apps you create at compile
Protect Mobile Apps


Monitor Mobile Apps

  • See attacks on apps outside your firewall
  • Visibility into which protections are triggered
  • Stand-alone dashboard, option to integrate with existing SIEMs
  • Real time alerts plus searchable logs
Mobile Applications


React Automatically to Attacks on your Mobile Apps

  • Force Step up authentication
  • Customize reactions to alter specific application capabilities
  • Shut down application

Exploiting Your App Code is Easier Than Ever

Threat actors are better organized and have access to more funding than ever. They can tamper with your apps using any of the following easily available tools:

Jailbroken Device or Rooted Device




How to Protect Your Apps

Code Obfuscation

Code obfuscation reorders and reconfigures the machine or source code at compile, making it harder for threat actors to read and, thus, harder for them to exploit.

Live Monitoring

Automated reporting and alert mechanisms show App Owners whether, when and where their app is being run in a compromised or unsafe environment.

Real-time Responses

Swiftly react to attempts to compromise your app with custom actions, such as forced authentication and anti-cheat mechanisms.

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